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VOL. 27 NO. 4

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2018, It’s time to challenge the normal. It’s the time to change, It’s the time to convert the challenges of 2017 into opportunities. Just like many of us, we are sure many of you would have had a very divergent experience of the year gone by. It's obvious that a lot happened in the last year, and it gave an inkling of what's to come and where the industry is headed. There is no better time to make a change than at the beginning of the year. So inspire, innovate and evolve . . . We hope the year gone by has been as successful for you as we believe it's been for us, and here's to this one incredible year ahead. Our best wishes to you to combat new challenges, scale new heights and tap into new opportunities. We hope we all have fun! Thank you all for your support, in making Pahwa Group the fastest growing Adsorption Technology Group.

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Protects your Electrical Switchgear from air contamination

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Electrical supply is imperative for larger facilities, especially for certain industries such as chemical, telecom, petrochemical and refineries. Continuous and smooth power supply in these industries could be ensured by healthy Switchgear systems.

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Keeps moisture at bay at Eagle Cement, Philippines

Eagle Cement Corporation is a fully integrated Filipino-owned company manufacturing, marketing, sale and distribution of high quality cement under the brands Advance Type 1P, Exceed Type 1P and Strongcem Type 1.

Our International participation . . .

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Philmex 2017,Philippines
Dairy Expo 2017,Pune
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