Humidity Control System
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When moisture is Torture !

In this column, we share with you regularly our experience in major application areas where usage of dehumidification is both extensive and essential.

Moisture Ruins Lithium Batteries


Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are incredibly efficient and can keep a phone, laptop, electric cars, toys, medical devices and other consumer electronic devices running all day.

Lithium batteries have become ubiquitous over the past decade, powering our cellphones, laptops, ipods, and even cars. Lithium batteries are popular because they pack significantly more energy into a small package, but their chemistry makes them more vulnerable. Bry Air machien-2

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Typical Problems in Lithium Battery Production resulting from Uncontrolled Moisture

  • Bry Air bullet5Reduce charging capacity
  • Bry Air bullet5Higher chances of explosion
  • Bry Air bullet5Swelling in batteries
  • Bry Air bullet5Reduced product life
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Ideal Dry Room Conditions for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

  • Bry Air bullet5Moisture level in Lithium-ion battery processing areas should have less than (-) 35°C dew-point and/or moisture content of 0.14 grams per kg of dry air.
  • Bry Air bullet5Room temperature should be maintained at recommended levels, around 25°C, with tolerance of +/(-) 2°C along with dew points in the range of (–) 35°C to (–) 45°C. (0.14 to 0.04g/kg). It is always advisable to keep the room temperature slightly warm, so that the workers working in the processing area are comfortable.
  • Bry Air bullet5The air change rate in the production room should be more than 50 air changes per hour with maintenance of minimum fresh air introduction for positive room pressure and ventilation for workers.
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recommends to develop stringent environment control chamber for manufacturing lithium batteries (Dry Room) and incorporate patented technology, which ensures optimum performance, even at ultra low dew point, up to (-) 90°C. Additionally, Bry-Air recommends Dry Room to be vapour tight and access must be controlled through an air lock vestibule.