Humidity Control System
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Dry Room at NSTL

The Naval Science & Technological Laboratory(NSTL), Visakhapatnam has developed high power lithium-ion battery technology for underwater application

Dry Room

NSTL uses lithium based raw material, which is highly reactive to moisture, and requires controlled humidity typically less than 1% RH (-)45°C dew point. Bry-Air, the single source provider, built a fully integrated dry room incorporating desiccant dehumidifier with DryPurge Technology, PLC control and integrated data control system.

NSTL is located in the coastal area of Visakhapatnam where high moisture level in ambient air interrupts the performance and quality standards of underwater systems.

Dry Room
Dry Room

Tailored exclusively for lithium battery manufacture

The Advantage... the cutting edge technology

  • Bry Air bullet-pointState-of-the art Honeycomb Matrix using the most latest developed choice of desiccants
  • Bry Air bullet-point Tailored for a range from (-) 35°C to (-) 90°C dewpoint applications, with minimum power consumption
  • Bry Air bullet-point Low dew-point achievement, up to (-) 90°C, with single wheel design
  • Bry Air bullet-pointRotor made up of pH neutral and chemical resistant material. Inertness to gases such as Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) generated during the production of Lithium-ion batteries
  • Bry Air bullet-point Compact design Huge saving in energy consumption
Dry Purge System

Some of the customers

  • Bry Air bullet-pointIIT, Kharagpur
  • Bry Air bullet-pointMercedes
  • Bry Air bullet-pointDefence Research & Development Laboratory
  • Bry Air bullet-pointschlumberger
  • Bry Air bullet-pointElectronics Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Bry Air bullet-pointE-One Moli Energy
  • Bry Air bullet-pointHoneywell Inc.
  • Bry Air bullet-pointOriental and Motolite Inc.