Humidity Control System
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When moisture is Torture !

In this column, we share with you regularly our experience in major application areas where usage of dehumidification is both extensive and essential.


Spray DryerSpray drying systems are widely used in food & beverage and many other industries to produce free flowing dry powder. Spray dryers require large quantities of hot air for drying. The quality of the final product is affected by the quality of air (inlet air) entering the dryer. Therefore, inlet air has to be dry, free from contamination and odorless. However, since the ambient conditions change continuously, the humidity level of the air entering the dryer is not constant, resulting in lower productivity, quality and frequent downtime. Strict humidity control is crucial to maintain optimum production, quality irrespective of ambient conditions. Due to high humidity, the powdery material tends to stick to the hopper conveyors and packing machine, leading to frequent breakdowns in the conveyor drive mechanism. This hinders the free flow of powders/ granules, making many downstream operations (e.g. packaging, filtering, and handling) difficult and expensive.

During the processing of powdery foods such as milk powders, eggs, whey powders, soup concentrates, etc., the presence of moisture in the air can cause lumping and caking. This affects the free and easy movement of the food and beverage powders in the processing machine and pneumatic conveyors.

High humidity results in

  • Bry Air bullet-imgInconsistent product quality
  • Bry Air bullet-imgInconsistent production
  • Bry Air bullet-imgLonger drying time
  • Bry Air bullet-imgRapid downtime and production loss
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Install a Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier at the inlet (source of air) of the spray/ fluid bed dryer for a constant moisture controlled supply of (dry) air inside the dryer. This helps in reducing the physical monitoring of the drying temperature and time, thereby reducing costs and and ensuring consistent quality year around. The dehumidifier, by controlling the relative humidity in the supply air, provides the most simple and economic solution to overcome lumping and caking. It also avoids the sticking of powder on packaging machines, hoppers and other parts. Moreover, it ensures an easy free flow of powder through the packaging machine into containers.

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