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April-May-June 2015  
Bry-Air Lunches Adsorption Chillers
Energysmart Cooling using Waste Heat
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The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an innovative green technology, and is the first of its kind in India, and will be manufactured in India under license from Power Partners, Inc., USA.

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Compact Dehumidifier For Cool Dry Air
Remote Control & Monitoring Through Android Devices
Bry-Cool Dehumidifiers

The BryCool Compact Dehumidifier is another energy efficient compact dehumidifier from Bry-Air. BryCool accomplishes the task of providing cool dry air for any enclosed facility which requires desiccant assisted drying capability in a compact package. The unit uses the heat dissipated in refrigeration cycle for regenerating the desiccant rotor.

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When moisture is Torture
Moisture Causes Powder To Stick To Converyor
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Spray drying systems are widely used in food & beverage and many other industries to produce free flowing dry powder. Spray dryers require large quantities of hot air for drying. The quality of the final product is affected by the quality of air (inlet air) entering the dryer. Therefore, inlet air has to be dry, free from contamination .

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Event Update
Delhi, Bangalore,Chennai
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