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Bry-Cool Dehumidifiers

The BryCool Compact Dehumidifier is another energy efficient compact dehumidifier from Bry-Air. BryCool accomplishes the task of providing cool dry air for any enclosed facility which requires desiccant assisted drying capability in a compact package. The unit uses the heat dissipated in refrigeration cycle for regenerating the desiccant rotor. Most of the time, it also helps to avoid installing additional air-conditioning unit in the conditioned space as supply air is typically temperature neutral. BryCool operates cost effectively because all the energy required for the operation of the desiccant dehumidifier cycle is coming from the integrated refrigeration unit which is cooling the inlet air.
It is ideal for facilities where human comfort is also required along with dehumidification. BryCoor incorporates the high performance EcoDryTu rotor and it comes with BryCare' program which offers a highly cost effective after sales service.

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