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Oct-Nov-Dec 2014  
Innovation is life
Opens Offices in Nigeria
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"Innovation is life" is the new tagline for the Pahwa group, which epitomises its core strength. Innovation both in technology as well as business processes is the driving philosophy of the Pahwa group.

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Moisture Plays Spoil Sport
The Dry Air Solution From
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Protective gears like gloves, shin pads and shoulder pads are made of polyurethane, which absorbs and reacts with moisture very rapidly. This degrades the material,...

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Moisture Problems in Indoor Swimming Pools
Why Control Humidity in Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor swimming pools are very unique in their requirement of humidity control. Most people associate indoor pools with high humidity, stuffy air and steamy windows and walls. Condensation not only creates an aesthetic, comfort and health problem but also results in structural damage to the building in the long term.

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CSR Update
Recycling Used Paper
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To promote a culture of reducing, reusing and recycling of paper in the organization, Bry-Air has initiated waste paper recycling. All waste and used paper is recycled and is used for making different stationery items, eg., writing pads, pens, copier paper, etc.

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