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Odour Solution for Process Industries
Odorants in connection with chemical process becomes a part of the outside environment, unless they are cleared before emission from the plant. It leads to various leakages, through which odorous gas gets emitted in the atmosphere.

There are some plants, processes and activities which are well-known emitters of odorous compounds and are active sources of offensive smell:
Bry Air black-bullet Oil refinery
Bry Air black-bullet Foundry
Bry Air black-bullet Paper mill
Bry Air black-bullet Plastic processing
Bry Air black-bullet Fertiliser production
Bry Air black-bullet Oil seed factory
Bry Air black-bullet Pharmaceuticals
Bry Air black-bullet Sugar mill
Bry Air black-bullet Rubber manufacture (vulcanising)
Bry Air black-bullet Sewage and sludge treatment
Bry Air black-bullet Food processing plants
Odour nuisance is sometimes very difficult to prevent. Hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans for instance can be sensed in concentrations far below, if compared with concentrations which are harmful for human. The emergence of odour control in the process industries has come up because of rising quality issues and educated society. This is leading various process industries to opt for odour control technologies.
Odour Control
Odour Control Technologies
The odour control products can be grouped into three distinct categories:
Bry Air black-bullet Adsorption (activated carbon and other adsorptive medias)
Bry Air black-bullet Biological Oxidation (bio-filtration and bio-scrubbing)
Bry Air black-bullet Chemical Scrubbing (acid and caustic wet scrubbing)
The method of adsorption is considered to be the most effective and widely followed method for controlling the odour emitted from various process industries. The Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration Systems (GPF) provides an ideal and cost effective solution to eliminate odour problems in both commercial and industrial environments like sewage pumping stations, meat and fisheries processing, animal research facility, fertilizer plants etc. It removes corrosive gases through the process of Adsorption and Chemisorption using the BrySorb impregnated media.
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