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Comfex 2005 Ahmedabad

DRI Booth AHR 2005 Florida

HVAC Asia 2005 Pakistan

Bry-Air MiniPAC displayed at AHR Expo 2005

Bry-Air Asia manufactures MiniPAC for Bry-Air USA

is specially designed for the hotel rooms. It lowers the moisture levels without adding to the costs of your energy bills.
You can now maintain Hotel’s Interior Ambience With EcoDry Plus as it ensures . . .
> Dry, neat, clean and mold free carpets, reducing asthmatic/allergic problems
> Dry, clean and mold free furnishings
> Mold free wall hangings, etc.
> Moisture and mold free cabinets, wardrobes, etc. You, thus save on renovation costs as the interior décor, furnishings, etc can have an extended life.