As a pioneer in airgineering,

Bry-Air has maintained the initiative of searching for new ways to bring the benefits of research to satisfy customer needs in the field of environmental control, product drying, humidity control and energy recovery.

Discovering New Worlds

The quest to meet the market needs ahead of its time ensures that there is
a number of new products always under development. The efforts to improve product design and performance, machinery and production methods are integrated into the every-day work pattern. Bry-Air’s R & D, one of the best in the environment control industry, is

constantly engaged in state-of-the-art product development in dehumidification and plastic auxiliaries. This provides the sales with a tool to physically test application and design criteria for specific applications. Bry-Air’s R & D Facilities are regularly used to simulate and optimize dynamic dehumidification variables for new product design and development as well as to simulate and establish conditions for product drying at pilot scale for eventual full scaleup.

Conditions based on different environmental parameters to validate criteria for drying or storage of any product is stimulated in the dry chambers to validate optimum drying conditions; e.g. products like Mushroom, Grapes or Tea can be spoiled due to over drying.