Some Unusual Dehumidification Applications

The applications of dry air are as varied as the air itself. Humidity is a constant threat during : Production and Processing | Packaging | Product Drying | Storage

Ice Cream Manufacturing

High relative humidity in Ice Cream manufacturing facilities result in problems like condensation and frost leading to stoppages in conveyor belts and photoelectric cells. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers help in controlling humidity thereby reducing machine downtime.

HIV Strip Testing/Manufacturing area

Bry-Air has installed an FFB-1500 Dehumidifier at Ranbaxy Laboratories, Delhi in their Rapid card/strip manufacturing room. The relative humidity being maintained is 15% at 22ºC. These cards are used to test HIV.

Garlic Drying

Garlic needs to be dried to the desired moisture content at low temperature. It also tends to pick up moisture from surrounding air during packaging and storage, becomes soggy and starts deteriorating. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers lower the moisture content to as low as 1% during drying and thus, upgrades quality and extends shelf life of garlic.

Blood Bag Drying

Blood bags need to be dried properly within a specified time after auto clave. This also helps in keeping the upper layer of blood bag transparent. Bry-Air has supplied a FFB-1500 dehumidifier for perfect drying of blood bags within 12 hours to Electro Medical and Allied Industries Ltd, Kolkata.

Shrimp Storage

Changes in moisture content (MC) during harvest, processing, and storage can greatly affect shrimp quality. Therefore, it is important for Seafood harvesters and processors to control relative humidity of surrounding air throughout processing and storage operations by installing Bry-Air dehumidifiers.

Shellac Drying

Shellac is a natural edible gum resin used in Food and Pharma Industry, produced from secretion of an insect, Laccifer Lacca. Bry-Air has supplied an FPU 600 dehumidifier for Shellac Drying to Hindustan Shellac Industry. The requirement is to bring Initial Moisture Content (IMC) from 25% to 5% in 6 hrs per batch at drying temperature of 37ºC.

Sewing Needle Storage

Schmetz India Pvt. Ltd., exporters of high quality sewing needles for clothes and leather, was facing the problem of corrosion in needles during work-in-process (WIP). Bry-Air has installed three Dehumidifiers to maintain 40 ± 5% RH at ambient temperature to prevent corrosion during needle storage.

Animal Houses

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, one of the leading research institutes, keeps rats and rabbits for research work in their animal house. To keep these animals in healthy condition, a Bry-Air dehumidifier has been installed to maintain relative humdity at 50 ± 5% at 25ºC in room of size 7'’ X 5'’ X 7'’.

Mosquito Coil Manufacturing

During manufacturing, mosquito coils pressed in the dies, are left in the Hot Room for drying. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers help Raksha Insect Repellants Pvt. Ltd., in rapid and all-weather drying of mosquito coils by maintaining RH in the Hot Room at 50 ± 5% at 32ºC, irrespective of the outside ambient temperature.

Satellite Transportation Vehicle

Moisture tends to damage critical instrumentation / parts of the satellite. Bry-Air has supplied a dehumidifier to ISRO – Bangalore, for the vehicle, in which the satellite was transported from Bangalore to its launching station Shriharikota. Conditions being maintained were 48 ± 5% RH at 22ºC.

Hair Dye Processing

Abinhav Exports Corporation manufacturs hair dye products, made from herbal raw materials. The herbs being extremely hygroscopic, are grounded, mixed and packed in a room maintained at 35% RH at 24ºC with a Bry-Air Dehumidifier.

Preservation of Scanner Camera

Bry-Air has installed a Dehumidifier at Obettee Pvt. Ltd., an exporter of high quality carpets, for preservation of an expensive and sophisticated scanner camera, used for capturing high quality photographs of the carpets. Conditions being maintained in the studio to preserve the costly parts of the camera are: 45 ± 5% RH at 23ºC.

These are only a few of the innumerable applications of dehumidification. Lookout for forthcoming issues of Dryfacts for more . . .

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