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S.A.T-Tech, Taiwan to market DRI Rotors

Superior Air Treatment Technology Inc. (S.A.T-Tech) founded in October, 2000, specializes in manufacturing and engineering of VOC’s and hazardous air emission control systems, as well as dry rooms and HVAC-clean rooms & desiccant control systems.

Under the able management of its President, Mr. Feng-Tang Chang, S.A.T-Tech has quickly become the market leaders in the field of

  • VOCs laden air treatment system : TSMC. BUMC. MXIC. BWinbond. Hanstar . . . . more than 55 systems in semiconductor field.
  • Stripper condensing system : more than 50 systems in TFT and semiconductor field & 3 systems in Li ion battery field.
  • Super dry room : more than 7 systems - rooms space dew point temperature lower than –60oC.
  • Clean room & HVAC systems.
  • SCADA control systems.

S.A.T-Tech is also a Licensee and Represnetative of Durr Environmental, Inc. for Durr’s Products.

S.A.T. intends to market DRI’s range of enthalpy and desiccant rotors and cassettes in Taiwan as well as provide expertise to us for VOC abatement systems in India. We hope this mutually beneficially association will be a long and profitable one !