Rep. in Philippines

New Eastech's association with Bry-Air is over 8 years. Under the able management of its President, Ms. Maria Teresa J. Soliman, and VP and General Manager, Mr. Franke G. Englis, New Eastech has effectively developed the Philippines market for Bry-Air dehumidifiers and Eco-Fresh heat wheels.

Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Food . . . anywhere where humidity is a problem, New Eastech has a Bry-Air dehumidifier providing solution !

And there is a Eco-Fresh Heat Wheel helping to maintain Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and save energy in almost all office towers.

Take a look at some of the jobs handled by New Eastech

Company Application
EL Laboratories Inc. Pharmaceutical
Abbott Laboratories Inc. Pharmaceutical
Cambridge Electronics Electronics
Repbulic Asahi Glass Corporation Safety Glass
Harman Foods Phils, Inc. Food
Philippines Broadcasting Station Storage
Procter & Gamble Phils, Inc. Candy Mixing Room
East West Seed Co. Seed Storage
Citibank Towers. Office Tower
Philamlife Towers Office Tower
GT-International Towers Office Tower

cools Green-house at cosco

Cosco is one of the largest exporters of roses in N. India. The roses grown in 7 large state-of-the-art, computer controlled greenhouses, are exported mostly to Europe.

The greenhouses are kept cool in summer using a fan and pad arrangement.

This season Cosco tried out " Eco-Cool " pads and this is what they say...