opts for fresh air with

in its tableting area

Cadilla is in the process of installing 11 nos. Treated Fresh Air units incorporating Eco-Fresh Heat Wheels to " treat " fresh air in its tableting and other formulation areas.

Tableting and formulation areas of pharma plants need large quantities of " conditioned " fresh air to be brought in for ventilation as well as process needs.

This fresh air needs to be conditioned to maintain comfort levels of temperature and humidity in the area. Conditioning such large volumes of air entails very high energy cost.

Eco-Fresh Treated Fresh Air (TFA) Units incorporating heat wheels precondition the fresh air . . .

  • By using energy from the exhaust air, thus bringing the energy needs down considerably.
  • For acceptable IAQ, humidity and temperature control, energy conservation / efficiency and in the process reducing the space envelope.
  • It has two separate airflow which ensures that the exhaust and supply air stream is totally separate and there is no cross contamination or leakage.

Keeping moulds

in shape during storage

Moulds, of all types, made of wax, wood, refractory, metal . . . need to be stored, at times for a fairly long time. While in storage, they often lose "shape", get corroded and are damaged due to moisture or humidity in the storage area. Thus damaged, they are practically useless

Moulds can be protected and assured of long life if stored in a dehumidified area. Bry-Air has many dehumidifiers protecting moulds in storage in various companies manufacturing many types of products.

Plastic Dryers for Mercedes Benz

TATA Automotives supply accessories and components to Mercedes Benz in India. As prevalent world over, these components are made of high quality engineering plastics. Plastics resins used for such precise and tough applications need proper drying and handling prior to and during processing.

TATA is in the process of installing Bry-Air Plastics Auxiliary products in its plant where it manufactures components for Benz.