upgrades its facilities....

. . . adds state-of-the-art CNC turret punch and press brake and powder coating facility to give its products "Int'l" finish

To meet the increased demand of standard products from its expanding markets in the Indian subcontinent, S. E. Asia, China, Middle East, S. Africa and Australia, many standardised product lines have been shifted to the new expanded facility in Plant - III.

Bry-Air Asia's production facilities have been further upgraded after the inauguration and commissioning of the New CNC and Powder Coating shop on July 23,1998.

This has upgraded considerably the " finish " of the Bry-Air products.

The foundation stone of the new plant-III was laid on April 10,1996 by Governor Voinovich of OHio State, U.S.A

Mr.Paul Griesse, President, Bry-Air Inc. U.S.A commenmorated the completion of Phase I of Plant-II on Dec 3, 1997

Williamson Magor installs

29 Dehumidifiers in its tea gardens

Williamson Magor, a leading tea producer owning over 53 tea gardens, in Assam and Darjeeling, has installed 29 nos. Bry-Air Compact Dehumidifiers engineered for keeping tea fresh. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers find a wide usage in almost all areas of tea processing . . . withering, fermentation, sorting (with Delair Compressed Air Dryers), storage, blending and packing.

Over a hundred Bry-Air dehumidifiers are working in all major tea gardens, processing plants and warehouses.

Dry air from Bry-Air keeps tea " garden fresh" !!





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