Art treasures-survivors of a World War

Bry Air 5

The magnificent art treasures adorning hundreds of museums and art galleries in the Netherlands were threatened at the time of the Second World War.

No more
'yellow pages'

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Before the 18th century, paper used for books and manuscripts was very stable and was not
significantly affect ed by room environments.

Getting a better
eye-view of the birds

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It is always a special treat to see lovable penguins and puffins in a zoo, but they feel home sick for their cold, rain-swept natural surroundings of the Arctic.

A proven answer to a constant problem

Rotterdam, Europe's leading seaport, is a beautiful city on the banks of the river Nieuwe Maas. With its one million inhabitants, Rotterdam and its neighbouring areas require an enormous amount of fresh water. The main source of water supply is the magnificent river Rhine.

What does embalming an Egyptian mummy have in common with 

What in the world does dehumidification have to do with embalming an Egyptian mummy? Believe it or not - a lot!

Charged with power

High technology often entails working under very precisely controlled environmental conditions. Dehumidification, or moisture control, has proven itself to be an important factor in the control of the environment so as to produce higher quality products in greater volume.

Here's to Heineken!

The production areas have to be regularly cleaned with water. This results in unacceptably high levels of humidity, which in turn, lead to condensation and growth of bacteria.

Delair calling...loud and clear

The snow covered pines on the slopes of Holmenkoller near Oslo, Norway, provide a picturesque backdrop to the Trivan transmission tower.

Operation mothball

Bry-Air Dryers

The World Wars were instrumental In focusing attention on the fact that materials which deteriorate from the ravages of natural atmosphere could be preserved Indefinitely In a controlled humidity environment.

Wherever there is smoke, there is Bry-Air!

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Tobacco culture in colonialAmerica began in the early16th century.

Energy management:
Indian Petrochemical saves $10,000 a month

The Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd. at Baroda is one of the largest government-owned manufacturers of chemicals and petrochemicals in India.

Everything Bry-Air makes, makes plastics handaling easier

Drying Hopper

What sets Bry-Air system apart from the competition? A unique product, of course. Plus the ability to work closely with the customer and meet his specific needs.

Prescription for better products

The Bry-Air dehumidifier is the most economical and reliable method of low temperature product drying - a sure prescription for a better product!

Don't let the heat escape!!!

Plant operations consume and often waste substantial amounts of energy. Bry-Air air-to-air heat recovery systems help recover energy from hot waste gas streams.

Mold sweating
- a packaged solution

Mold sweating is a real and common-enough problem with the plastic processors.

Bry-Air the global sales, service and solutions!


Representatives from 16 different European countries and member companies of the Bry-Air group at an International Meet in Holland.