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Dryers show new use

A $30,000 saving deal  at Cap, Snap, & Seal

Cap, Snap & Seal Inc. , a large manufacturer of plastic moulded parts, were operating 24 injection moulding machines in a room. 

Sugar n' candy?
Dry is dandy!

Bry Air 8

Open, Pop, Roll and Chew,to feel that flavour come right through!
That was all Bry-Air knew about candy eating until the day they happened upon the inside story. They could not resist letting you on to the'stickiest' one.

Delair 50 years young

Delair - Droogtechniek en Luchtbehandeling BV - recently celebrated its fiftieth year (1936-1986)of Endeavour, Dedication and Achievement. It was indeed a cause for celebration - a golden opportunity to remember all
things past, its quota of trials and tribulations,its quantum of triumphs and its glittering firsts. 

Passage to India...
... a passage to progress

The passage to India was rediscovered by Paul Griesse in 1979, when he visited the country for the first time at the invitation of Arctic India Sales', Deepak Pahwa (agents for Bry-Air products).

Nuclear plants successfully mothballed,!

Arizona Power & Light,Arizona, is one of severalnuclear plants successfullydeactivated using Bry-Airdehumidifiers_Others include Bell FonteNuclear Plant (1VA),Hollywood, AL; Phipps BendNuclear Plant (1VA),Sturgtessville, 1VA; andWattsbar Nuclear Plant(1VA), Spring City, TN.

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Attention! We put you at ease!

The year: 1979. The locale: An ammunition  store in the Netherlands. A silent invasion was taking place.The foe was deadly! No guns or tanks could destroy it! When discovered, extensive damage had already been done. Emergency meetings were called! A strategy was evolved and implemented! At once the advance of the enemy was thwarted. The situation was saved before the damage was irreparable.

Bry Air 6

Bry-Air on wheels

Bry-Air on wheels - Why not? Portability is often a boon when dehumidification is needed where permanent installation is impractical.


The Bry-Air saga

All corporate stories read alike. A small beginning, similar goals and achievements, its course shaped by an individual. What sets one apart from the other is the company·ideology. So it is with the story of a once small U.S. company called Bry-Air. It has all the ingredients to make a good company story -- plus a lot more.

Bry Air 10

The 'MVB' generation

Even after 4 years of its launch, the Biy-Air 'MVB' stillretains a little mystery. Acronyms like 'More Valuable Business' or 'More Value Per Btu Expended'have been used to describethe 'MVB'.

Engineered Dehumidifier

A paan-tastic new idea

Bry Air 15

In India, 'paan' chewing is a centuries old habit that is still as popular as 'gum' chewing in the U.S.A.

Encouraging a popular habit

To the 200 million paan chewers in India, Katha needs no introduction.To the rest of us, ilis the oily, pasty ingredient used in the green·leaved,red·staining 'Betal leaf or 'paan' Katha is derived from the bark of the catechu tree, found in abundance in the forests of the 4 Indian States of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar.

Saving for a rainy day

Bry Air 16

Bry·Air Dehumidifiers arebeing used extensively world wide in seed storage and seed drying to preserve the basic element of nature,the perpetuator of life - seed.

Safe storage of seeds is important for many reasons. They need to be preserved for eating ... and for planting. They need to be kept for studying by the plant scientist ... and for seed stock in seed banks. In times of drought, there may not be seed enough left for the next year's crops. This is when seeds literally "saved for a rainy day" come into their own.

Which is more critic Plastic quality thro' proper drying? Or, proper drying thro' a quality dryer?

One of the most universal advantages of plastics is their virtual freedom from attack by ambient moisture, or from surface attacks in any way comparable to the' rusting of steel or the atmospheric corrosion of copper and aluminium.

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