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Sets new benchmark in Gas Phase Filtration through its innovative Honeycomb Matrix Technology
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Bry-Air, recently, announced a yet another breakthrough in its 'in-situ' synthesized macro porous Honeycomb technology research by extending it to gas phase filtration. In a chemical filter, gases are filtered and cleaned out when they are passed through a chemical filter. The cleaning of gas occurs at molecular level, through a process known as chemisorption, when a pollutant gas molecule reacts with chemicals (e.g. KMnO4, KOH, etc) in the chemical filter. The chemicals in the chemical filter get consumed over time as it reacts with gases. Bry-Air's new honeycomb matrix based macro-porous chemical filters provides the largest amount of impregnated chemical (typical 15% for KMnO4) for the chemical reaction for maximum efficiency for a given physical size and geometry of the media matrix and its air carrying capacity for a given pressure drop.
This breakthrough in gas phase filtration is particularly relevant for Data Centers, Server Rooms and DCS rooms which are located near to high density traffic zones, sewerages and drains, landfill sites and process industries emanating such gases.
This proprietary technology not only reduces the size of chemical filtration equipment but also increases efficiency, life and decrease in energy usage. This patent pending technology has been developed by Bry-Air's R&D group. This is one of the five patents filed by the group in the last 2 years in field of air treatment and moisture measurement technology.