Gas Purification System
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Dear Friends,
We welcome you to the first edition of our newsletter, "AIRFACTS", as we surge ahead into the future to touch greater heights. It is an effort to consolidate our relationship with our clientele. After all, we believe that our success lies in team work and in fostering strong relationships.
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Sets new benchmark in Gas Phase Filtration through its innovative Honeycomb Matrix Technology
Bry-Air, recently, announced a yet another breakthrough in its 'in-situ' synthesized macro porous Honeycomb technology research by extending it to gas phase filtration.
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Are your Control and Switchgear rooms healthy ???
The process parameters in a petrochemical facility are extremely critical, because even a small malfunction can cause tremendous loss in revenues.
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We are all familiar with the name of Hutchison. One who has been in touch with the latest developments in the Indian telecom sector can't keep out the name of Hutchison from his mind.
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