Gas Phase Filtration

Reaching Out Through Technical Seminars

Bry-Air AIRGINEERS™ are passionate for providing Optimum Solutions for Prevention ofCorrosion due to Air-borne Molecular Contaminants

The Seminars were attended bytechnical professionals workingin Server Room, VFD Room,Switchgear Room in SteelPlants, IT Managers,Operation Managers andother peronnelresponsible for criticalareas prone to Electronic/Electric Corrosion.

The 'ONE STOP SOLUTION' for optimal protection of Electric/Electronic circuits from CORROSION

Rising air pollution levels are making the air borne molecular contaminants, seep even inside the closed atmosphere , both in Residential and Commercial spaces.

Gas Phase Test Lab

Choose from the Widest Range of Chemical Media

Air borne Contaminants develop in the atmosphere due to the emission of harmful gases, surrounding conditions in a Company/Industry, which may or may not be same as the pollutants /contaminants in other Industry. Hence it becomes very important to choose the right type of media or process for corrosion monitoring to ensure accurate and optimum output.

Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitoring Services

The Bry-Air ACM measures the overall reactivity levels ofgaseous airborne contaminants, room temperature, RH andoptionally the differential pressure. The real time data can beviewed on the LCD, logged into the internal memory and SDcard. It can also transmitted to Building ManagementSystems through digital RS485 port or analog 4-20mAoutput.

Corrosion Monitor
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