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Your data center may be lacking a critical protective element

According to an ASHRAE white paper on Data Center Airborne Contamination, presented by members of TC 9.9 committee, the gaseous contamination is one of the major causes for the high rate of hardware failures in data centers. The study has been supported by all major computing equipment manufacturers like IBM, Intel, HP, CISCO, Dells etc. The report suggested that gaseous contamination should be modified within ANSI / ISA - 71.04 - 1985 severity level G1.

Many data centers have harmful environment from infiltration of outdoor particulate or gaseous contaminants. Data centers located in the industrial townships like Noida (Delhi NCR) , Okhla industrial area (Delhi) , Malad (Mumbai) etc. are specially more prone to gaseous contamination. The ASHRAE white paper also highlighted that in addition to temperature and humidity control, dust and gaseous contamination should also be monitored and controlled. These additional environmental measures are especially important for data centers located near industrial areas and other sources which pollute the environment.
Data centers are more prone to airborne contamination if they are situated near by:

• Sewers / drains
• Landfill sites
• High density traffic
• Process Industry (discharging industrial effluents)

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How corrosion affects electronic equipment and components

Electronic components are a complex assembly of metallic and non-metallic materials which are highly susceptible to electronic corrosion. Electronic corrosion, if left untreated, can affect electronic components as follows:

• Film Disk — At reaction site there can be a loss of stored information. Additionally, as reaction products accumulate, mechanical failure can occur on data
tracks previously not corroded.

• Edge Connectors — These connectors are situated on the circuit boards made solely of copper or are gold-plated over a nickel-plated copper substrate. Corrosion can easily lead to disruption in the connector points and affect data transfer.

• Disk Drives — The formation of disk drives is such that it makes them highly susceptible to electronic corrosion even in
indoor environment.

Bry Air newsletter bryairlogo solution to electronic corrosion

Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration System is ideal for human and hardware health. It removes contaminants and eliminates downtime by removing corrosive gases through a process of adsorption and chemisorption. In a chemical filter, gases are filtered and cleaned up when they are passed through a chemical filter. Cleaning of the gas occurs at molecular level when pollutant gas molecules react with the chemical in the chemical filter. Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration System now comprises of a Honeycomb Chemical Filter which is technologically superior as compared to granular filters or pellatized media. It is a macro-porous desiccant
based honeycomb matrix impregnated with a choice of oxidizing agents, alkaline solutions and is also bactericidal by treating the same with antibacterial agents.
This technology is the first ever such solution in the world which uses 'in-situ' synthesized macro porous honeycomb matrix to remove airborne contamination like formaldehyde, H2S, SO2 and other VOCs.

Few advantages over Extruded Honeycomb Chemical Filter:

» Very high structural strength
» High bulk density
» Low pressure drop (due to laminar flow)
» Low footprint
» 400 – 600 FPM face velocity