Noxious air throttles man and machine

India ranks 177/180 countries in Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

EPI (Index developed by Yale University) ranking has proved that the air quality has been serious health hazard to the nation, especially, the national capital region. Even the state governments have declared the health emergency for the citizens when the pollution level peaked.
Along with human health, the commercial sector is also facing similar challenges. The machines installed in these commercial sector, primarily the data centres, server rooms and control rooms are vulnerable to surrounded pollution.
The maintenance agencies of electronic control room or service room at commercial sector are installing the air purifiers at their units, to protect their facilities from the most common air pollutants such as: Cl , HF, O , SO , 2 3 2 SO , NO NH . The facility should ensure G1/G2 level of gasses concentration at their electronic control room. The corrosive gasses 3 X 3 concentration level and corrosion security level can be referred through the given table.

Paperex 2019

The pulp & paper industry has become increasingly dependent on sophisticated electronic process control system in order to maximize operating efficiency and productivity.

The corrosive gasses release during the paper making process harms the electronic equipment and disrupts the operations. Thus, Bry-Air recommends to install Gas Phase filtration system for smooth operations. To learn more about Gas Phase Filtration, please visit us at Paperex 2019, Gr. Noida at Hall No. A4-B, Booth No. 4473.