Bry-Air ensures good health of medical instruments

The air quality at hospitals, nursing homes, IVF clinics is as critical for the medical instruments/equipment as for the patients, doctors and staff workers. These medical instruments help in performing quick and accurate diagnostic medical procedures.

Technology plays a critical role in transforming healthcare industry. We have incorporated the technology in every facet of our lives, from morning alarms to checking BP at midnight. It has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry by providing medical records, telemedicine, remote advice etc.

With the technology upgradation, more and more sophisticated medical instruments have been introduced. These instruments provide quick and accurate diagnostic test results which facilitate early detection of the health problems. The diagnostic medical test/procedures such as CT scans or MRI scan rely heavily on the precision of medical instruments. The electronic components of these expensive and sophisticated instruments are vulnerable to airborne molecular contamination, which can affect its efficiency and accuracy.

Moreover, the OEMs may deny for annual maintenance if the environment of machine, RH level and temperature levels don't with their prescribed limits.

Key influences

In the healthcare facility, the HVAC system use fresh our system where the polluted air is drawn from outside. The vehicular emissions, nearby industrial areas and open drains contribute substantially in degrading the air quality outside. This contaminated enter the healthcare facility via the HVAC system.

Temperature fluctuation is another common cause of electronic component failure, electronics all designed to support specific temperature ranges.

Recommended operating temperature is 20- 25 °C.

Instruments and clinics at risk

  • MRI machine
  • CT scan
  • X-ray machine
  • Diagnostic laboratories equipment
  • Robotic surgery machine
  • Operation theaters
  • Dental clinics
  • IVF/Fertility clinics

Challenges while operating valuable medical instruments

  • Condensation due to temperature fluctuations
  • Corrosion due to corrosive gases
  • Frequent breakdown of equipment due to corrosion
  • Machine malfunction
  • Delayed test results
  • Inaccurate test results
  • Odour causing chronic diseases


During the in-vitro fertilization process, the air quality is critical in the development of the embryo. The air contamination adversely affects the IVF process. The chemicals used in the laboratories such as floor cleaners, air fresheners, cleaning fluids release harmful gases and airborne particles which detriments the IVF process. Air filtration system remains the ideal solution to ensure clean air at the IVF centre.

Special care units

The poor air quality directly impacts the patients stationed at intensive care units,operation theatre, emergency units, burn and plastic surgery ward. Since the patients are frail and prone to infections, it is necessary to ensure clean air at these special units.

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