Diagnostic laboratories

In microbiology laboratories the airborne contamination is majorly caused by VOCs, Ozone, Formaldehyde, Chloroform, Xylene chemicals. Thus, high-performance standalone laboratories air cleaning units are installed to recirculate the air. It removes the airborne contaminants along with the odour.

Animal research laboratories

When animals are caged in IVC systems or ventilated cabinets for long, the risk of contamination is highest. Also, while the performing test Waste Anaesthetic Gases (WAGs) such as Isoflurane and Nitrous Oxide are released. In addition to this, the gases from animal excreta and decay of leftover animal food are released which contaminates the environment. Inhaling these gases leads to many chronic illnesses.

The solution

Installation of air filtration systems to combat with air contamination is the only solution to the problem. Bry-Air Gas Phase filtration system can effectively remove the tiny pollutants from the indoor air. Its a unique process not only cleans the contaminated air and also eliminates the odour, making the working environment healthy for patients, doctors and medical instruments.

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