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Embedded with patented* BrySmart Technology

  • Energy saving upto 48%
  • Optimized dehumidifier performance
  • Reduced annual energy consumption
  • Lower energy usage & maintenance cost
  • Green technology

DSP . . . Dynamic Specific Performance

Continuously senses and monitors temperature at varying locations in the rotor thus providing data for continuously optimizing performance

Embedded with patented* BryTherm Technology

  • Ensures maximum flexibility in operation
  • User has the option to control parameter

Incorporating BHP (Bry-Air High Performance) Rotor with special Geometry and Chemistry

The customized rotor delivers an additional energy saving of upto 20% by reducing initial react energy input for equivalent performance of standard dehumidifiers.

Optional…Bry-Air Prognos

Most advanced tool for predictive failure/maintenance… the new world order for continuously diagnosing and forecasting component failure e.g. heater, drivers, switchgears, etc.

*BrySmart® and BryThermTM are proprietary technologies of Bry-Air and is patent protected in several jurisdictions. Details are available at

BrySmart® – WO2010128522
US Patent No. : 8328904
South Korea Patent No. : 10-1408990
Canada Patent No. : 2703150
Mexico Patent No. : 318916
China Patent No. : ZL201080020064.8
South Africa Patent No. : 2011/07893
Australia Patent No. : 2010245643

BryTherm – WO2013038428
South Africa Patent No. : 2014/01826
Australia Patent No. : 2012310095

Offer the Best in the World of Dehumidifiers

– as per the new proposed ASHRAE Standards on measuring Specific Performance for moisture removal: kg/hr/kW


  • Upto 48% energy saving
  • Faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Designed aesthetically for ruggedness and long life

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Seeds are typically stored for planting and research.

As seed production is seasonal, safe seed storage is necessary to maintain its germination potential and quality.

Sementes Produtiva, Brazil maintains their seed quality with Bry-Air Dehumidifier

Sementes Produtiva is one of the major seed producers in Brazil.

They produce high quality seed and have partnered with large agribussiness companies. They focus on seed storage and processing.

In one of their farms, Barro Branco, they store large volumes of seeds in cold chambers. For proper seed storage, these cold chambers require humidity and temperature control to maintain seed viability and high germination ability until next year or sowing.

Challenges faced by Sementes Produtiva

  • Low seed viability
  • Low germination ability

Sementes Produtiva used to remove moisture mechanically with refrigeration equipment. The RH level in the chamber varied from below 50% during dry season to over 60% during humid season, Whereas, the required RH level is to be maintained between 50% to 60%.

Eventually, the refrigeration method was unsuccessful in maintaining the required RH level which in turn affected the seed quality. In addition to this, the energy consumption was higher while using the conventional method.

Bry-Air Solution

When contacted, Bry-Air Airgineers recommended Sementes Produtiva to install Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier at Barro Branco farm.

The dehumidifiers helped in maintaining seed quality by providing constant dry air at medium temperature all year round, irrespective to its ambient conditions. It effectively minimized the risk of seed damage and reduced the energy consumption significantly.

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DataCenter Air Purifier – Helps in protecting data center from electronic corrosion and abrupt failures.

Ecoscrub Gas Phase Filtration System (Granular type) – Cleans the contaminated air and eliminates odour. Makes healthy environment for man and machine.

Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor – Measure the reactivity level of gaseous contaminants, room temperature and RH level. It helps in determining level of contamination.

Corrosion Monitoring service – Measures overall corrosion potential of an environment.

Ethylene Scrubber – Removes ethylene effectively and prevents wastage due to over ripening or rotting. It extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, minimizes loss due to decay, ensures off season availability and eliminates harmful preservation practices that use Nitrogen and Sulphur gas.

Brysorb Chemical Media – It is proprietery chemical media used for gas phase filtration to eliminate corrosive, odourous and toxic gases in industrial and commercial environment.

Honeycomb Chemical Filter – Honeycomb matrix-based macro -porous chemical filters remove contaminants from air supply stream, comprising gases, odour elements or volatile organic compounds more efficiently and effectively.

Ideal For:

  • Data Centers, Server Rooms
  • Petroleum & Oil Refineries
  • Paper And Pulp
  • Waste Water & Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Museums And Libraries
  • Post Harvest Storage Facilities
  • Iron & Steel
  • Semiconductor
  • Other Processing Industries

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