Keynote by Deepak Pahwa

Realizing growth aspirations of SMEs through digitalization of R&D
Webinar organised by FICCI

Developing the R&D capabilities of SMEs through digitalization – Deepak Pahwa

In his keynote, he provided unique insight and recommendations to fast -track the SME R&D process for making India self-reliant.

In his speech, he discussed about the challenges faced by SMEs, importance of R&D, the right approach to be followed while investing n R&D including digitization, human resources, innovation, sustainability etc.

He also spoke about the role of computer simulation in minimizing the cost and risk in R&D and accelerating the product development process.

Emphasizing on technology in R&D, he added “Technology is a dynamic concept for MSMEs, and technological up-gradation backed by innovation has the potential to spur the growth of individual enterprises al the micro level and aggregate industries and economies al the macro level.”

Adoption of New Technology especially energy efficiency technology and introduction of new & innovative products, product processes & designs, optimum use of improved raw materials and packaging, etc. are the key factors for MSME competitiveness.”

During his speech, he spoke about the significance of R&D and innovation in Bry-Air ‘s growth plan. Bry-Air has been investing in R&D and testing labs in order to keep pace with global advances. Today, Pahwa Group holds many international patents

Industry 4.0 is driven by artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data & Analytics, Robotics, 3D Printing, Digital Twin, etc. which not only have the potential to automate and optimize the existing business processes of MSMEs but also open new opportunities and transform the way companies interact with customers, suppliers, employees and others.

Bry-Air welcomes its new CEO

Mr. Dhirendra Chaudhary joined Bry-Air as the CEO on 3rd, May 2021. He will be managing the 8ry-Air business and working closely with the Managing Director, Mr. Deepak Pahwa.

Mr. Chaudhary brings a diverse experience of 32 years in the corporate world, out of which over 19 years have been as a CEO. He comes to us from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Pune, where he has been Managing Director and CEO for the last B years. Prior to that, he was President & COO at Marpol Pvt. Ltd ., and Director & CEO, Polygel industries Pvt. Ltd.

He has also worked with L& T, ITW Signode India, Shell & Cummins India.

We look forward to scaling our business to new heights under his stewardship.

Latest From Bry-Air

Indoor Swimming Pools . . . Enjoy swimming all year round

Swimming is popular throughout the year, but climatic conditions such as rain and the winter months make it challenging for regular swimmers. Thus, Indoor Swimming Pools are introduced so that people can take a dip in a comfortable environment and enjoy regardless of the outside temperature. The indoor pool not only adds value to the architectural project but also attracts customers to hotels, spas, apartments, schools, etc. Privacy, convenience, and comfort are its main advantages. The second advantage of indoor pools is that they are easier to clean since they are covered and don’t attract dirt and debris.

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Avoid damage caused by moisture

There is a common misconception that indoor pools suffer from poor indoor environment. However, environmental issues can be easily addressed. Moisture is the primary cause of environmental problems. When the pool water evaporates, the moisture-laden air causes:

  • Micro-organism growth, mould mildew
  • Corrosion of building material, AC units, metals
  • Uncomfortable environment for swimmers
  • Damage to wooden furniture
  • Fog
  • Slippery floors
  • High maintenance cost

130+ Bry-Air dehumidifiers installed in private villas, hotels, spa’s and other indoor pools

Prevent Damage

To prevent damage made by moisture, Bry-Air recommends to maintain the relative humidity in Indoor Swimming Pools at 50-55 % at about 26°C during winters and 23°C during summers.

To deal with moisture load, the pool users must install a Dehumidifier.

BryPool is the most reliable and cost-effective investment for maintaining the pool and the property. It is capable of maintaining the ideal humidity level throughout the year ensuring a comfortable environment for swimmers and staff and eliminating all dampness/fogginess and condensation.

Benefits of Dehumidification

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Comfortable environment throughout the year
  • No fogging, condensation, rusting and rotting
  • No molds & mildew on the wall/duct surfaces
  • Reduced injuries due to avoidance of slipping and falling accidents due to wet floor
  • Energy efficient AHU

Ventilate with ERVs

Natural sunlight and fresh air circulation is always recommended in the indoor swimming pools. To bring the fresh air inside without adding the air-conditioning load, Energy Recovery Ventilators can be installed. Ecofresh Energy Recovery Ventilators are equipped with Heat Recovery Wheels and are capable of recovering more than 65% of each sensible and latent energy from the stale exhaust air and transferring it to the fresh outside air.

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Instant Indian sweet becomes sour! How?

Do you have sweets on your mind for the entire festive season? Find out how to satisfy your sweet tooth with its original taste and flavour all year long.

The festive season is incomplete without Indian sweets. It is the ideal time to prepare kheer, jalebis, gulab jamun or any another dessert.

The convenience of instant dessert mixes makes them one of the most convenient savoury delights available all year long. Instant mixes are becoming increasingly popular among housewives and working couples as well as NRls. Small chain restaurants are also serving their customers instant mixes as they are economical and help to standardize their taste.

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Challenges in Gulab Jamun Mix

A popular instant mix is the Gulab Jamun mix. It is made from milk solids, all-purpose flour, oil, ground cardamom, and other flavours.

All the ingredients in it are hygroscopic and absorb moisture from the environment. The residual moisture can spoil the delicacy and leads to:

  • Bacterial growth
  • Cracks in gulab jamun
  • Difficulty in binding
  • Change in taste and flavour

Thus, the instant mix manufacturers must remove excess moisture and ensure consistent quality and elongate shelf life. Also, when exporting, the moisture removal process has to be followed since the shipment takes longer to deliver.

The unknown facts of Gulab Jamun

Although Gulab Jamun is popular in the Indian subcontinent. the dessert originally comes from Persia. How did it get its name? The word ‘Gulab’ is derived from the Persian words ‘gol’, meaning flower, and ‘ab’, meaning water, meaning rose-water-scented syrup The other word is jamun, which is the Hindi/Urdu word for black plum, another popular Indian fruit of similar size and shape.

The presence of moisture leads to production issues, such as:

  • Lump and cluster formation on conveying lines
  • Change in texture, flavour, colour and aroma
  • Inconsistent production
  • Stickiness
  • Decrease in shelf life

The powered gulab jamun mix often clogs the conveying system and stops the processing and packaging process because of the high moisture level in the area. Clogged conveying pipes reduce the production output and slow the packaging process. In short. moisture can ruin a delicious dessert.

Bry-Air Solution

Bry·Air has a solution to deal with moisture during the preparation of instant mixes. Bry-Air recommends maintaining 35·40% re lative humidity at room temperature using a dehumidifier. Bry-Air Dehumidifier ensures powdered mix doesn’t stick to the hoppers, conveyors and packaging machine and avoids the frequent breakdown of conveyor and packaging belt.

The Bry-Air dehumidifier circulates the dry air continuously during processing. mixing. conveying. storing. and packaging. As a result. the dessert’s taste is preserved.

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To celebrate the World Environment Day, Pahwa Group organised a drawing competition among the children studying at DRI and Bry-Air Pathshalas. This activity was aimed to raise awareness and highlight the importance of environment and sustainability among our future leaders. Bry-Air and DRI, flagship companies of Pahwa group, have been focusing on restoration of our EcoSystem through various initiatives, such as plantation drives , reclaiming and reforestation , to increase green cover and thus improving quality of air.

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The latest is the afforestation in Kadooki village, Alwar, Rajasthan where a forest of more than 500 medicinal and fruit-bearing trees is under development. This will help in re-greening of the area as well as being able to provide fruits for the locality. In addition to this, 1500 pomegranate trees were planted in the arid region of Barmer, Rajasthan which are now providing sustenance to the farmers, who sell the fruit and earn their livelihood.

Almost 7 acres of Sanjay Van, Delhi was restored in order to:

  • Conserve the native Aravali trees like Dhak, Khair, Khejri, etc.
  • Attract wildlife and create their habitat.
  • Attract birds and provide clean water by diverting treated sewage water.
  • Introduce fishes in ponds to build the ecosystem.

The Pahwa Group CSR is also active in various WASH activities to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to the communities they serve. This includes installations of Community Water Centres , CWCs, in various villages in Haryana and Rajasthan. The clean and cool drinking water helps in eradicating water-borne diseases. It also provides a livelihood to the villagers who are able to sell the water for various events like marriages in the surrounding villages.

In addition to this, DRI and Bry-Air are setting up check dams, which will help to prevent soil erosion and support groundwater recharge, especially in arid regions.

In keeping with UN Sustainable Development Goals, the group has also installed 15 cum size Rainwater Harvesting Structures at Literacy India Vidhyapeeth premises. This rainwater harvesting structure is helping to save over 5.89 lac liter per year. This is additional to the companies’ water harvesting activities at their own locations.
Anandita Pahwa, Group CSR Head mentioned that “The theme of World Environment Day 2021 is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ and that has been our special focus this year by conservation and restoration so that the green cover around us is increased and quality of air we breathe is less polluted.”

Social Responsibility is deeply ingrained in our company culture. She also released a video showcasing these initiatives and development work in the field of Environment.

99% Pahwa Group employees vaccinated!

In its New Year Message 2021, the Pahwa Group promised free vaccinations for its employees and their families. The group fulfilled its promise by organizing Covid-19 vaccination camps for its employees and their families in Delhi NCR.

Bry-Air and DRI jointly organized a vaccination drive in Delhi NCR for all employees, their families, and community members. Pahwa Group partnered with Medanta Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital during the camp. All health regulations were followed during the camp.

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