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By: Dinesh Gupta, Director, Bry-Air  | TECHPOD | Saturday, 18 July 2020

Bry-Air was founded in 1964 and has been a customer-focused leader in the field of environmental control systems for over 50 years. The Company is a leading manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifier products and services for technically complex applications with critical quality requirements in both industrial and commercial markets.  A worldwide presence has been developed to better serve our many global customers.

Dinesh Gupta is the Director of Bry-Air. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Dinesh speaks about the future of technology in the energy efficient world. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

I am a Director at Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. I served as the President of Bry-Air prior to my retirement and continue to be actively associated with company and group in advisory capacity.

I joined the company in 1986 and have been associated with the company for over 30 years. Bry-Air is a global leader in dehumidification and is the flagship company of Pahwa Group owned by Mr. Deepak Pahwa. Under his leadership, the group has filed 123 patent applications for 13 new technologies, at national and international level, 48 patents granted / already allowed. Some other companies owned by Pahwa Group include DRI; for innovative air solutions, Delair; The Compressed Air Treatment System Company, and TDS; that provides air solution on rent. Pahwa Group’s mantra ‘Innovation is Life’ runs across as a guiding light for all the group companies.

Talking of Bry-Air, when you think moisture removal/humidity control; you think of Bry-Air. Bry-Air is the leader in dehumidification worldwide with subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria and Switzerland, and an associate plant in the USA.

The company offers a wide range of products catering to all dehumidification and drying, gas phase filtration, plastic drying, conveying, blending & mould dehumidification, high temperature waste heat recovery and energy smart cooling using waste heat needs of various sectors. With over 55 years of expertise in serving these solutions, our knowledge is our power. All the solutions offered by Bry-Air are backed by intensive research to provide highly customized and innovative products offering for the air treatment needs. Bry-Air specializes in designing and manufacturing desiccant based engineered dehumidification systems capable of handling demanding applications such as lithium-battery, pharmaceutical, food processing, semiconductor, electronic industry, turbine storage, cold storage etc.

How does a Dehumidifier work?

Dehumidify or dehumidification – literally means “pulling out or removing” the moisture/humidity from the air. The dictionary defines dehumidification as the process of removing atmospheric moisture. So, in simple words, a dehumidifier is a machine that takes away humidity from the environment. However, for  industrial application , it is not so simple as many parameters and stringent conditioned need to be maintained.

Dehumidification can be split into three methods a) Air Conditioning, b) Desiccant Dehumidification (also known as Chemical Dehumidification), and c) Mechanical Dehumidification (also known as Refrigerative Dehumidification).

Bry-Air specializes in the manufacturing of desiccant dehumidifiers and is the leader worldwide in providing the most energy efficient, customised and variety in dehumidification technology to cater the most complex humidity/ moisture control needs across diversified industries like pharmaceutical, food, lithium battery manufacturing, defence, power, chemicals, electronics, leather and many more.

Operating Principle of Dehumidifier

With over 55 years of expertise in manufacturing and selling dehumidifiers across the globe, Bry-Air specializes in customising dehumidification systems to specific customer and application needs across industries.

Bry-Air dehumidifiers follow global standards and are installed in over 85 countries including the developed countries viz. USA, Canada, Japan, etc.

What are the range and capability of Desiccant Dehumidifiers and to what level can relative humidity (RH) be controlled by them?

As explained above, Bry-Air offers a wide range of dehumidifiers to suit various needs of the industry. For instance, Catering to the need from the automotive sector as the world move towards greener environment, Bry-Air is at the forefront with its environment control solutions. Bry-Air engineered dehumidifiers maintain stringent Dry Room conditions for Lithium Battery production.

Tailored exclusively for Lithium Battery manufacturing and embedded with Patented Green DryPurge® (GDP) Technology, the dehumidifier from Bry-Air is the most energy efficient dehumidifier for <1% RH dry rooms and is patent of Bry-Air (Asia). The GDP dehumidifiers are specially designed and customized for low dew point job requirements and control moisture levels in the Lithium Battery manufacturing areas from -40°C to -80°C dew point depending on the process being carried out.

In fact, to meet the requirements of industry 4.0, we recently launched our BrySmart® Series (BBS) Dehumidifiers that are embedded with patented* BrySmart® and BryThermTM technologies. Watch the video below to understand dehumidification and learn more about our latest  BrySmart® Series:


Available in standard (Compact) as well as customized (Engineered) models. Bry-Air dehumidifier can maintain relative humidity  less than 1% regardless of the ambient conditions.

This simple device is manufactured in two designs, Compact Dehumidifier and Engineered Dehumidifier. Although they are available in many sizes, from very small to very large to meet various dry air requirements.

Compact Dehumidifier

Compact dehumidifiers (FFB series), capacity ranges 170 cmh through 3000 cmh, are designed to integrate “small footprint and finish” of a commercial unit with “the ruggedness” of an industrial dehumidifier. The BRY-AIR FFB compact dehumidifier removes moisture through a process of continuous “physical adsorption”. It is small sized, light weighed with numerous mounting position are possible like on floor, table top, wall bracket, ceiling suspended.

Click here for more information on Compact Dehumidifier

Engineered Dehumidifier

Engineered dehumidifier (FLi series) are designed to highest consistency, flexibility and ecology standards. This industrial dehumidifier removes moisture from air on a continuous basis. Engineered dehumidifiers are based on customer specific and comprise all the desired technical calculations, based on site evaluation. Capacity ranges from 2500 cmh to 100000 cmh. Bry-Air Dehumidifier are CE certified and incorporate the high performance Eco-Dry rotors.

How technology is helping you to further advance your business?

These are exciting times and the need for technological advancement is evolving every year. At one hand the world is moving towards green energy, embracing every possible thing that contributes to the environment, and on the other hand we have technology companies working to meet the demand for energy efficient solutions that will pave the way for the future.

For instance, shift in vehicle engine from diesel or petrol to electric. This is the advancement that we are seeing in India on a very big scale. Or energy storage commitment of Indian government by conserving the natural source of energy. Bry-Air is a key participant in both and is working towards serving solutions that cater to the need of various sectors by using the resources available to us judiciously.

Our solutions are energy efficient, and are industry 4.0 compliant. We recently launched our Bry-Air BrySmart® Series (BBS) Dehumidifiers that are embedded with patented* BrySmart® and BryThermTM technologies. The latest product offering from Bry-Air is designed for continuously optimizing Dynamic Specific Performance (DSP) and incorporates BHPTM (Bry-Air High Performance) rotor with special geometry and chemistry. This series integrates 4.0 tomorrow based concepts & technologies and translates into as much as 48% energy saving annually.

The BBS modulates various critical components to optimize the energy consumption on a continuous basis. This technology is a step forward in energy conservation through enhanced automation (on real time).

Similarly, in the EV space we are developing environment control solutions for the EV battery aggregators and manufacturers in India. We are the leaders in the dehumidification technology worldwide, and in India we are supplying highly advanced, goof-proof dry rooms to the battery makers. Some of our notable work in this space being Building Compact Dry Room for Lithium Battery Production at Bry-Air Gurgaon plant, delivery of First commercial Dry Room capable of maintaining (-) 65°C dewpoint commissioned for BHEL, India, and Partnership with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for Chandrayaan 2 project.

We are committed to serving the various moisture absorption needs of the comp

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