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Ways to Prevent Corrosion Through Corrosion Control

Corrosion is a chemical or electrochemical attack on metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper. Water vapor mixes with salt and other corrosive elements to create an atmosphere that can slowly erode metal products from the moment they are finished in the factory. Corrosion control relates to preventing this from occurring.

Some of the ways this problem can be addressed is by the introduction of a protective alloy in the metal itself when the metal parts are being formed. Alternatively, corrosion resistant coatings can be applied to the finished product, or rust prevention methods such as storing indoors in a dry environment, or applying a rust inhibitor to the outside of the product, can be used. Some corrosion causes and prevention methods include certain elements in the air which combine to eat away at the outside and inside of the metal.

This can be reversed and prevented by regular inspection and cleaning of the parts, whether on automobiles, boats, planes, or any other machines with metal components. Failed parts are the number one cause of repairs that need to be made on motorized vehicles, and one of the most common causes of failure is corrosion.

This is evident not only operationally when the part can no longer function, but physically when you begin to see rust on a steel part or greenish residue on other metals, such as aluminum. Micro corrosion occurs when the corrosive elements of the atmosphere or water get into microscopic vulnerable areas of unevenness in the metal, creating tiny pits in the metal.

Marine corrosion is when water, particularly saltwater, erodes the surface and insides of the metal parts on a ship or boat, which can cause long-term damage to the hull and working parts of the boat. This needs to be carefully monitored by qualified personnel, and measures taken to reduce and prevent its occurrence to keep the boat seaworthy. Electronic corrosion occurs when two metals that are different from each other, immersed in an electrolyte, are corroded through electronic contact with each other.

This can be prevented by using some of the methods prescribed above, or by regular maintenance and cleaning with a rust and corrosion removing solvent. This type of erosion commonly occurs with batteries, such as those in cars and water meters. There are many ways to prevent corrosion, and new treatments to a common problem have been discovered so that the parts which power our vehicles and electronic components can last even longer.

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