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Using a Wood Dryer Will Give You Excellent Construction Results

Wood is very useful for people throughout the world. It is used for construction and building homes and cabinets. Some people heat their homes with wood in their fireplaces.

Wood in its natural state has a considerable amount water. Trees produce chlorophyll and they absorb water from the soil to give themselves enough nutrients. Naturally, when we use trees for construction or heating, the water is a major obstacle. Wood that is not dry enough can cause structural damage in a building. It can cause cracks, molds, and termites. In some extreme cases, a building may collapse.

Drying wood provides major advantages when performing construction. Dry wood is much stronger and keeps your home warmer. Dry wood also mixes better with preservatives and is easier to decorate with paint. You will save on costs in the long run, because there will be a much lesser need for repairing damage.

There are two basic methods for drying wood. One method is natural air drying, which is stacking the lumber horizontally, and letting the outdoor air dry out the wood. The benefits are that you do not need to invest a great deal of money for wood dryer equipment, and you save on costs for heating. The major disadvantage is that it takes a long time. It takes usually takes several months to a year to have your wood dry.

Steam kilns are energy extensive, require skilled man power and are bad for the environment. Refrigeration type dehumidifiers result in slow rate of drying and are not suitable for temperatures over 50-55°C.

The most convenient and cost effective method for drying wood are the wood dryers .

Advantage using wood dryers

The advantages of using wood dryers to dry are many. First and foremost it is not as time consuming and cumbersome as the traditional method sun drying. The other advantages are

  • Increased wood/ timber strength
  • Increased resistance to fungal infection
  • Easier to machine and glue
  • More durable as in wooden furniture
  • Enhanced finish, varnishing, paint and treatment.
  • Cost effective as less prone to microorganism attack.

Bry-Air Wood Dryers based on dehumidification principle, is nature friendly / eco-friendly and easy to install. It is suitable for all kinds of wood and ensures quality drying, seasoning and manufacturing. It enables fastest rate of drying and can easily handle small as well as large stockpiles.

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