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The Right Moisture Free Air For Any Application

Dry air is essential for the successful completion of many processes used in manufacturing and commercial applications. Humidity control is also essential for warehouse storage, dehydration of organic and inorganic products and in places where sensitive equipment is operating. A company that needs moisture free air needs to consider three main things: what dryair equipment is available, what size equipment is needed for their purposes and how the equipment should be used.

Bry-Air can help find the resources for the quality of air needed for any application. They have the information on humidity and the dehumidification processes to help any company choose the right equipment for their needs.

The size and kind of equipment depends on the required dehumidified air. Sometimes such a low moisture content is required that desiccant dehumidification is the only equipment that will suffice. The increased Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns in the US make adding this to an integrated HVAC system necessary to meet state and local air quality standards.

For small enclosures, compression is a viable means to create dry air. For large spaces, the cost can be high. Reducing temperature also creates moisture free air. This is best when cool air is also required, especially if the moisture level created by the cooling system is correct. This method is also not suitable for producing a large amount of dry air. Sometimes the temperature gets so low that ice forms on the coils and a defrosting system is needed to make it function efficiently.

Desiccants are the easiest and best way to create moisture free air. They are a material that absorbs water and don’t change shape or size. The air can pass over the adsorbents and become much drier without compression, cooling or other complex systems.

Food production, including crackers, chips and cereals needs moisture free air to remain crisp until they are packaged and reach the consumer. In the pharmaceutical industry moisture control is essential, because some drugs need a moisture free environment and some organic cultures need moisture in the air to develop. For industrial chemical production, dry air is required to prevent caking and lumping of powdered substances during processing. Humidity free environments are also needed for packaging equipment rooms, warehouse storage to reduce or eliminate mold, rust and corrosion and in rooms where electrical devices are functioning.

Bry-Air can help determine the right moisture free air environment for any business.

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