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A data center is a place that houses the servers and main computer systems that control the datacom and the overall systems in a company. Apart from the computer components, the data center also has the power supply unit, various data storage facilities and environmental control appliances. The most important component of a data center, however, is the server. In fact, all the other electronic equipment is installed to help the server in its function as the main data processor.

As important as it is, many companies have had to deal with server failure one time or another. This is something that temporarily cripples all the datacom, resulting into losses because an industry or company cannot function effectively in that state. Therefore, server failure has to be avoided at all costs. So, how is this done?

All an industry has to do is to take necessary precautions. One of the areas that server maintenance encompasses is environmental control. The environment around the data center or the server room has to have the right conditions in order to provide optimal conditions for the server and protect critical electronics. The temperature, for example, has to be regulated by an air conditioning system. Cold temperatures are not suitable for the server while hot temperatures would eventually cause a server failure because of overheating since the server itself is exothermic.

High humidity on the other hand is not suitable for the electrical equipment. The humidity and the temperatures therefore, have to be regulated and the best way to do this is to set the environmental controls to go along with ASHRAE directives. These directives indicate that the temperature of the data center or control room should range between sixteen and twenty four degree celsius. In addition to that, the atmosphere here should have a maximum dew point of fifteen degrees celsius. Humidity on the other hand should range between forty and forty five percent.

Another measure one needs to take is to prevent dust in the data center. Dust is an enemy to the components of the server because it can easily damage them. To prevent the dust, it would be wise to minimize the number of people accessing the data center and also do a regular dusting of the room.

Finally, as a measure of preventing server failure, server maintenance should also be carried out occasionally. This identifies the weak points in a system and corrects them before a failure occurs. Depending with the industry it is being used, some server components sometimes may have copper erosion or silver erosion. A server maintenance procedure should be able to identify this early and replace these components before the entire distributed control system is crippled.

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