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Safety Glass for construction, windscreen and Jet aircrafts

Safety glass comes in a variety of types. The type a builder uses depends on where it is used. Technology continues to improve. Glass is becoming high-tech with improved safety. The basic design for all safety glass is the same. The manufacturer takes a polyvinyl buyral plastic sheet and laminates it between two pieces of glass. If the glass breaks the pieces stick to the plastic sheet. Bullet proof glass is made from multiple levels of laminated glass. Laminated safety glass can be clear, frosted or tinted.

Heat treating is another way to make safety glass. This process involves heating and cooling glass at different temperatures to strengthen the glass. This method also allows the glass to be shaped to suit different applications. Heat-treated glass is often utilized in commercial buildings.

Tinted Glass Lamination

Tinted safety glass has numerous applications. It can be used in things like car windows, sunglasses, work goggles and more. It combines the benefits of laminated glass with tinting to reduce sun and glare. Some homeowners are using tinted glass lamination techniques on home windows. The tinting reduces heat, drafts, and glare inside the home, which saves on energy use. The tinting makes all the difference in heat reduction and glare control. These windows are perfect o use in business and industrial applications too.

Construction Glass

Business and industrial construction are also using different kinds of construction safety glass. When doing construction, there are two kinds of safety glass. The laminated or heat-treated glass are suitable for use as walls or roofs. There are also variations on these basic glass types. There is glass that has tint, mirrored, hurricane proof and other such alterations that are suitable for various situations. Glass is a versatile material that is easy to shape. Using a heat-treated tinted glass solves a lot of issues with privacy, strength, and heat involved with using glass.

Safety glass is used all around us in a myriad of ways. Technology continues to improve with many new methods in the experimental phase. There have also been new ideas such as putting blinds inside of glass windows. The blinds never get dirty and can be opened and closed as desired. Glass has been a long time staple in the average person’s life. It helps bring nature in while keeping the weather out.

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