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Provide Long-Lasting Nutrition with Dried Fruit

Everyone knows that fruit is a delicious, nutritious food that we all should try to include into our diets. However, it is not always easy to eat the recommended daily amount of fruit, especially during the wintertime when there are not many fresh fruits in season. During these times, eating dried fruit can be a fantastic way to add vital vitamins and minerals into one’s diet.

Dried fruit is becoming more and more popular amongst consumers, especially as the health movement is gaining momentum. Therefore, fruit drying processes are becoming increasingly vital to food and snack manufacturers. To produce delicious and healthy dried fruit, one must possess state of the art food dehydration technologies.

The food dehydrator is used in fruit drying processes to remove excess moisture from the fruit. These food dehydrators usually contain a combination of fans, air vents, and a source of gentle heat to strip the food of its moisture without cooking it. The heating element warms the fruit to a point where it begins to release its juices (about fifty-four degrees Celsius). Once this has occurred, the fan blows the moisture off of the fruit.

The moisture enters the air as water vapor and is removed from the food dehydrator through the machine’s air vents. This process can be prolonged for minutes in some cases or for days in others. The amount of time that the fruit spends in the food dehydrator depends on the operator’s desired texture and chewiness of the fruit; the longer the fruit is dehydrated, the drier and chewier it will become.

Fruit drying possesses several benefits in terms of the food’s nutritional value and preservation. Contrary to popular belief, most fruit loses little to none of its nutrients during the dehydration process. The fruit is stripped of excess water, not of its vitamins and minerals. Therefore, dried fruit is nutritionally equivalent to fresh fruit. However, dried fruit is superior to fresh fruit in that it can be preserved for many months. By removing excess moisture from the fruit, one prevents bacteria from growing and spoiling the food. This means that consumers can have a source of the healthy fruits that they need at any time of year.

Fruit drying is an excellent way to provide consumers with tasty and healthy snacks throughout the entire year. By using a food dehydrator, one can produce delicious and nutritious dried fruit that everyone will enjoy.

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