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Need Humidity Control / Moisture Removal?

Air contains varying degrees of moisture and has a tendency to affect the key properties/characteristics of almost everything that it comes in contact with.

Moisture/humidity affect almost every industry and product. Many industrial products are moisture sensitive and hygroscopic.

High humidity has an adverse affect on manufacturing, processing, drying, testing, storage and packaging of goods across varied industries. It has a high tendency to lead to defects, disruption and losses across various industrial processes and goods manufactured.

Uncontrolled Humidity Results in:

  • Rust and corrosion
  • Mold, mildew and fungal growth
  • Reduced shelf life
  • Condensation
  • Lumping and caking
  • Loss of key product characteristics
  • Malfunctioning, rejection and production losses
  • Inconsistent product quality, etc.

As a result, there is significant increase in expenses and loss of time, energy and resources.

Effective moisture and humidity control plays an important role in addressing many such critical and day-to-day issues across industries.

Varied industries affected by uncontrolled moisture and humidity:


  • Organic corrosion
  • Biochemical reaction
  • Micro-organism growth

Food Processing

  • Loss of freshness, crispness, aroma and flavour
  • Degradation of quality
  • Reduced shelf life


  • Corrosion of rotors, bearings, buckets and blades, gearbox parts, etc. does not go ‘on-line’ immediately
  • Malfunction and equipment failure

Seed Drying & Storage

  • Microbial growth
  • Reduced shelf life
  • Decreased germination


  • Corrosion in military equipment
  • Malfunctioning of the equipment
  • Fungal growth in documents, maps, etc.
  • Rejection of ammunition, rations, etc.

Candies & Chocolates

  • Loss of luster/ bloom
  • Loss of color, aroma, flavour and shape

Cold Stores

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Decrease in cooling efficiency
  • Frost build-up
  • Wet floors
  • Ice build-up on walls, etc.


  • Loss of flavour
  • Change of colour
  • Loss of aroma
  • Loss of bloom

Lithium Batteries

  • Instability in presence of water
  • Reduced shelf life
  • Reduced performance

Biscuit & Potato Wafer Storage

  • Loss of crispness in temporary storage before packaging

Spray Drying

  • Decrease in throughput
  • Extra moisture in the inlet air increases drying cycle time
  • Varying outside conditions result in inconsistent powder quality

Electronics & Semiconductors

  • Corrosion of PCBs
  • Transistor failure
  • High rejection rate
  • Condensation on Integrated Circuits

Seafood Processing

  • Uncontrolled GMP hygiene
  • Slippery floors
  • Mold and bacterial growth
  • Increased defrosting cycles

Jet Engine Storage

  • Corrosion of rotors, bearings, buckets and blades, gearbox parts, etc. does not go ‘on-line’ immediately
  • Malfunction and equipment failure


  • Reduced shelf life, mould growth
  • Loss of colour, flavour and aroma Fertilizers
  • Loss of physical and chemical properties
  • Caking, oozing and lumping

Instrument Landing System (ILS)

  • Corrosion of sensors & microchips surface
  • Equipment malfunction


  • Loss of physical and chemical properties
  • Caking, oozing and lumping

Electrode Storage

  • Undercutting & general rough welds
  • Increased arc voltage
  • Excessive spatter
  • Porosity in weld deposit
  • Under-bead cracking

Safety Glass

  • Increased opaqueness of the glass
  • Weakens the bond between two layers of glass
  • Renders product unsafe

Investment Casting

  • Inappropriate drying
  • Less productivity
  • Increased product rejections/wastage


  • Micro-organism growth that results in decomposition of product/ deterioration of quality
  • Higher rejection rate
  • Fungal growth

Instrumentation Rooms

  • Microscopic corrosion
  • Malfunction and untimely failure of equipment
  • Inaccurate readings

Bry-Air, the leader in dehumidification…worldwide, is a global solution provider for all your Humidity Control and Moisture Removal needs. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers are designed to meet the most stringent moisture/humidity control needs and are available from compact models to very complex engineered systems. The Airgineers at Bry-Air have several years of application engineering experience and are trained to provide solutions in moisture and humidity control for varied industrial applications.

Bry-Air offers the simplest and most economical solution for humidity related problems. Bry-Air Dehumidifiers can maintain relative humidity (RH) as low as 1%, regardless of ambient conditions.

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