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Need For Clean Air

Reputed world wide for its expertise as a “solutions” company for moisture and humidity control for the wide range of applications, Bry-Air is all about providing quality air. Quality air which translates into clean air, healthy air, green air. Clean Air along with Dry Air is a process requirement for industries as varied as pharmaceuticals and IT/ ITEs.

Moisture and Contaminants-twin evils for many process industries

Moisture and contamination both cause infinite trouble. While moisture aids microorganism growth and causes corrosion, contaminants are harmful for the health of staff and hardware. Unclean air or air that is laden with contaminants such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide causes respiratory problems, headache and sickness among staff leading to low productivity and fatigue.

The Solution Clean Air and Dry Air

Controlling Humidity is crucial for the development of a process or product in the manufacturing industry. A Desiccant Dehumidifier economically combats the moisture menace by providing dry air. Contaminants however still manage to seep through. Clean Air is important for many industries because contaminants corrodes sensitive electronic equipment and circuitry leading to malfunction/ breakdown, data loss and ultimately downtime.

Offices that are situated near sewerage, landfills, high density traffic, industrial effluents are more prone to contaminant intrusion. A Bry-Air, Gas Phase Filtration System cleans contaminated air effectively and economically through the process of gaseous filtration. Chemical filtration or gaseous filtration which involves removal of the corrosive gases through twin processes of adsorption and chemisorption. It also eliminates odour and in the process providing quality air. This is ideal for the clean air requirements in paper and pulp industry, refineries, food processing units, textile industry, etc.

Why Clean Air technology

A whole worldwide industry has been built around clean air technology. Applications for household use, industrial use, manufacturing use, transportation use, work environment use, food production, storage spaces, pharmaceutical and scientific applications, restoration of flooded environments, and other applications make this technology necessary and important in today’s society.

Clean air technology will continue to evolve as a necessary part of our society’s evolution. Our climate, ecosystem, and planet are evolving as well, and society adjusts to these changes gradually. Therefore, it is as consequence that technology adjusts accordingly to this normal evolution.

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