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Moisture Measurement

It is important to conduct a moisture measurement inside a home or building. This can cause serious structural damage if left unchecked, including floor buckling and crumbling walls. One of the biggest concerns these days is the indoor air quality that is present in the home or workplace, and this is directly correlated to the amount of moisture present.

There are many tell tale signs of this condition in a dwelling, and these can be seen as the sweating of cold water pipes, mildew on walls, damp spots occurring on ceilings, and excessive water in the basement. Moisture measurement in excess of 60% can have an effect on the respiratory system as excess mold and mildew often release unhealthy spores into the air. There are many causes of this condition, with some of the more common ones being clogged gutters outside, poor ventilation indoors, and pooling water around the building’s foundation.

A great way to combat moisture is to install exhaust fans to increase air flow. This will take out a lot of the excess water vapor as well. The dryer lines should be vented correctly and a lint trap installed and cleaned regularly. This not only lowers moisture, but can prevent fires as well. Gutter maintenance at least twice a year is a good idea to prevent water from building up there. This will help to lower a moisture measurement significantly.

The use of caulking around the windows and doors can seal leaks. Replace any worn weather stripping as well. This will prevent moist air from entering the building. During the colder months a humidifier should be set at a low level. This will help to prevent excess water vapor build up. Crawl spaces are another area that are often neglected and should be vented well. Proper insulation and periodic checking will help to prevent a problem there. Any leaky pipes should be fixed immediately. This is a major culprit for moisture control. The air conditioner needs to be cleaned and inspected once a year. This will help to balance the temperature between inside and outside.

Consumers can actually make a moisture determination themselves. A few simple devices will take the reading automatically. The recommended rate of 25 – 50 % humidity and temperature of 66 – 72°F is the optimum comfort range. Anytime humidity is over 60%, there are health issues to be concerned about.

Moisture can be a problem, but properly addressed it can be easily controlled with a moisture sensor. A moisture measurement system is a definite must have for ensuring that his condition remains under control.

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