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Maintaining Corrosion-Free Boilers And Condensers

Boilers and condensers are especially susceptible to corrosion in part because of their constant contact with water. Because of this, effort needs to be taken to achieve boilers and condensers preservation.

Boilers and condensers corrode because of the high temperatures that dissolve the oxygen in their environment. They also corrode because of chemicals used in boiler rooms and cyclic moisture stresses involving boiling and condensing. Some of the different kinds of corrosion include galvanic corrosion, caustic corrosion, and acidic corrosion. Boilers and condensers can be vulnerable to all of these. Sometimes the interaction between carbon dioxide and oxygen can act as a contaminating agent and cause corrosion. Copper alloys in the boilers and condensers can be attacked and degraded by the sulfur and ammonia-based vapors that are present in boiler rooms.

Because these devices are at such high risk for corrosion, it is important to try to use methods for prevention from corrosion damage for system preservation. But the methods involved must not damage the boilers or condensers, either.

One of the ways to prevent corrosion damage in boilers and condensers is to use thermal coating. Thermal coating helps to preserve the life of boiler tubes, which notoriously corrode very easily. This thermal coating can be applied via a thermal spray, which will help protect them and contribute to boilers and condensers preservation. The thermal spray will act as a barrier between the corrosive elements and the metal of the tubes. Spraying inside the boilers can be beneficial, because doing so will prevent the need for expensive tube replacement and welding. Protective coating is also a suitable method for corrosion protection for turbine preservation and preserving navigation rooms.

Boilers and condensers preservation should be the priority of any business that uses them. When it comes to boilers and condensers, corrosion on these devices can cost employers a great deal of money for replacements, and can be very inconvenient for the running of the business if the boiler and condenser are out of commission for any length of time.

It is always better to prevent corrosion than to try to treat it afterward, or to try to replace parts that have been corroded. Businesses that are concerned about boilers and condensers preservation should familiarize themselves with the reasons these machines are vulnerable to corrosion, and take steps to prevent corrosion from developing early on. These steps will save them money and time.

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