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Innovative Drying Technology

Drying is very simple as compared with other methods. Drying food is a great way to enjoy a variety of delicious meals and have nutritious snacks. One of the greatest benefits to drying foods is that they take up a lot less storage space than frozen and canned foods. You can experience, fruit drying, spice drying, biscuit/cookie drying, yeast drying, powder drying, gelatin drying, and much more through a number of different methods.

Today there is drying technology such as with Bry-Air that is a Pahwa group company, which serves a global solution in providing environmental control in the areas of storage, biscuit/cookie drying, various food drying, dehumidification, humidity control, gas and air purification, preservation, and plastics auxiliaries. These processes are sustained by top-notch facilities, through worldwide procedures and with customers that encompass every industry.

For those wanting to understand the importance of humidity as it relates to the food industry things such as soda crackers, dry breakfast cereal, potato chips display an attraction for water when they are exposed to high levels of humidity and will become unappetizing and soggy. In the processing of powdery foods such as gelatins and cocoas, the lumping and sticking of powder resulting from the humidity averts its flow in the developing process. That’s why things like biscuit/cookie drying is so important.

There are things such as hot air drying that can dry foods such as biscuit/cookie drying and Bry-Air Dehumidifiers off a new range of these products that can remove moisture through a procedure of incessant physical adsorption. With this process, moisture is adsorbed in the sector of the dehumidifier by the metal, fluted silicate desiccant fused rotor and is put through the reactivation sector by hot air in the counter flow. After this process, the adsorption sector is ready to adsorb the moisture.

In the area of custom drying a product known as Enviroliners are custom made that use flexible distinctive grade thermo plastic obstructive material that build walls and are zipped closed. They protect against fungus, mold, and rust, prevent corrosion, and can benefit it items like small engine parts, optics, ration, ammunition and other products.

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