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Ice Free Cold Storage Tips

While the traditional icebox is sufficient to store sandwiches and drinks during a summer day at the beach, not every item you might want to store for later use can handle being surrounded by or encased in solid ice for hours on end. Electronics, chemicals, and commercial beverage containers can benefit from ice free cold storage. While more expensive than standard cold storage systems, keeping ice out of your storage facilities can have a positive effect on your bottom line in the long run.

Ice free cold storage relies on a cold storage system’s ability to pull moisture out of the storage container and keep it out. Cold storage is generally taken to mean a storage system kept below the normal freezing temperature of water. The problem that arises in the case of ice free cold storage is that temperatures below freezing naturally cause any moisture in the air to condense and eventually freeze on exposed surfaces. So the critical issue is both removing moisture from the air prior to cooling the storage system and continually removing any moisture that either comes into the system from outside or is emitted from another source.

Industrial grade dehumidifiers are a prime choice for keeping moisture out of a cold storage system. Especially if the storage system is large, such as might be used in meat markets and refrigerated trucks, several large dehumidifiers may be needed to provide an ice free cold storage system. Prior to the storage system being stocked with goods that need to be cooled, the storage system should be thoroughly cleaned and any moisture concentrations removed. The dehumidifiers should then be switched on, and the system sealed to allow moisture to be pulled out of the environment.

Once the ice free cold storage unit is moisture free and to the proper temperature, loading can begin. Care should be taken to give the dehumidifiers time to compensate for any moisture brought into the storage system from the outside when storage items are brought in. A procedure to have any items being stored themselves dried and packaged so as to remain isolated from other stored contents is advisable.

Done properly, an ice free cold storage system can allow for a safe, effective storage environment capable of handling food, beverage containers, and even electronics with ease – saving money that would have otherwise been lost due to damaged inventory items.

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