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Any Size! Any Where! Any Time! Moisture Control

Humidity Affects Everything Around Us.

Air contains a varying degree of moisture in it, depending on location, season, time of the day, etc. It affects the property of everything it touches.

Many industrial products use several kinds of hygroscopic materials during their production, processing, storage and packaging of goods. Uncontrolled humidity and moisture level results in sub-level finished products.

Moisture & humidity affects the sensitive industrial equipment also. Humidity control is necessary to ensure the right maintenance and operations of various costly and high tech equipment. High humidity and variation in temperatures could cause air to condense upon the machines. In critical environments, such condensation could lead to micro corrosion and malfunction in the devices.

Here are some undesirable effects of high humidity and uncontrolled moisture in the environment in various industrial processes.

Some undesirable effects of poor moisture control in various industries


Electrical Faults

Lumping and Cake Formation

Inconsistent Process Efficiency

Growth in Micro-Organisms

Mould and Rot

Inconsistent Product Quality…etc.

Rust and Corrosion

As a result, there is a significant increase in production, storage, and maintenance expenditure. Effective moisture and humidity control can play an important role in tackling many practical issues as well as avoiding unnecessary costly remedial steps and energy consumption. But, often the moisture content of air is overlooked in many industrial processes and under prioritized aspect.

. . . and many more

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