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Humidity Control – Anywhere, Any Time at Any Place

“Be ready for the unforeseen.”

Humidity is a naturally occurring phenomenon that affects everything around us. Air contains varying degrees of moisture depending on location, season, time of the day, and so on. Humidity in the air can affect many things – including how you feel. Whether it’s the property of something, the time of day, or location, humidity impacts everything.

Industrial products use several hygroscopic materials in the production, processing, storage and packaging of goods.  If the humidity and moisture levels are not controlled in the industries, the finished products will be substandard. Moisture and humidity can be damaging to sensitive industrial equipment too.

Humidity control is necessary to ensure the proper maintenance and operations of various costly and high tech equipment. Exposure to high humidity and drastic temperature changes will cause the air to condense on the machines, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Condensation on Surfaces

Condensation on Surfaces

In humid conditions, condensation can create micro-corrosion and malfunctions in devices. It can lead to undesirable effects in various industrial processes. Knowing the right humidity and temperature level will ensure the proper maintenance and operation of your sensitive equipment.

Poor humidity control can cause a host of problems in various industries like:

Humidity Affects Everything Around Us.

Air contains a varying degree of moisture, depending on location, season, time of the day, etc. It affects the property of everything it touches.

Many industrial products use several kinds of hygroscopic materials during their production, processing, storage, and packaging of goods. Uncontrolled humidity and moisture level results in sub-level finished products.

Moisture & humidity affects the sensitive industrial equipment also. Controlling Humidity is necessary to ensure the right maintenance and operations of various costly and high tech equipment. High humidity and variation in temperatures could cause air to condense upon the machines. In critical environments, such condensation could lead to micro corrosion and malfunction in the devices.

Lumping and caking in powder foods

Lumping and caking in powder foods

Here are some undesirable effects of high humidity and uncontrolled moisture in the environment in various industrial processes.

  • Condensation on surfaces
  • High electrical faults
  • Lumping and caking in powder foods
  • Inconsistent spray drying
  • Growth of micro-organisms
  • Growth of mould and rot…and inconsistent product quality

As a result, there is a significant increase in production, storage, and maintenance expenditure. Managing humidity and moisture controls can play an essential role in tackling many practical issues and avoiding unnecessary costly remedial steps and energy consumption.

Time-tested solutions for all moisture and humidity related problems

Multi Industry ApplicationBry-Air has an unrivalled reputation in the moisture and humidity industry. We’ve been perfecting our solutions for over 55 years, working on everything from drying seeds to mothballing ships to pharmaceutical processing.

Our team of experts at Bry-Air are highly trained in many industries, and we offer perfect time-tested solutions for all moisture and humidity related problems.

The World’s Most Versatile Dehumidifier

Bry-Air’s extensive research and latest technology have led to developing the most versatile dehumidifier lines on the market. These machines can deliver perfect moisture control and humidity control, whether during production, processing, storage, or packaging.

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers are designed to meet the most stringent humidity control needs and are available from compact models to very complex engineered systems.

Perfect humidity control in your industrial environment

With over 55 years of application engineering experience and training, the Airgineers at Bry-Air can provide solutions to any problem related to humidity control. With its simple and economical design, Bry-Air is the easiest solution for all your needs.


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