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How To Prevent Corrosion In Susceptible Turbines

Turbines are subject to corrosion because they are often exposed to the air and water. For instance, offshore wind turbines are exposed to very harsh marine conditions. The corrosion that occurs because of this can damage the electrical system and other areas of the turbine, so prevention from corrosion damage is essential to keep the turbine working.

Many turbines are placed in coastal regions because of the stronger winds in these regions, which allow the turbine to function better. Because of this, corrosion control is paramount; otherwise, the turbine parts will need to be frequently treated and replaced.

The methods used for turbine prevention against corrosion depend on the areas being affected. Some of the methods of corrosion control for turbine preservation of the area exposed to the air include spraying the susceptible areas with thermal spray. Often these thermal sprays make use of zinc primers in order to prevent corrosion. Silicone resin is also useful for turbine preservation. Epoxy paints also can create a protective barrier on the turbines. Polyurethane coating is beneficial as well because it can prevent moisture from accumulating if the coating has no solvents in it.  These methods can be used in order to protect the turbine’s splash zone, for boilers and condensers preservation, and for the preservation of navigation rooms.

For turbine preservation of the areas that have the most contact with water, epoxy coatings can be added to these areas during construction. Cathodic protection can be provided as well. This method will help charge the turbine to prevent corrosion. This method usually involves the installation of zinc anodes soon after construction of the turbine.

It is important to maintain the turbine’s electrical system as well. A product known as a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor is helpful for system preservation, especially when applied to the units in the turbine that are responsible for generating power. The area protected by this product can range from coils and transformers to the enclosures themselves. The electrical motors and the instrument panels can also be protected with this product.

Turbine preservation is vital if the machine is to keep generating power. Allowing the turbine to corrode means incurring certain risks and inconveniences. A turbine that has been affected by corrosion that is riskier and more expensive to operate, and will need frequent upkeep and possibly will require frequent replacement of parts.

Corrosion control is important for turbine preservation. Control of the degradation of the parts of this machine will help maintain its functionality and will reduce the costs of operating it. Corrosion prevention is much easier than trying to treat corrosion after it has already begun, so businesses should learn as much as they can about preventing corrosion from developing.

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