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How to Maximize Efficiency With Cold Storage Systems

Cold storage is a valued solution for working with perishables and extending the life of non-perishable food items and soft drinks. It also helps to control humidity and other factors which could inhibit the process of putting together parts on an assembly line, particularly for those parts requiring adhesive. Cold food storage facilities commonly handle frozen goods for the grocery stores, and cold storage units like walk-in freezers are used in restaurants to hold the shelf life of meat and other items which would otherwise spoil. Cold store processes eliminate this risk.

Most cold store systems work by a process called refrigeration, where heat is removed by chemical or mechanical means. Cold storage rooms are used in factories and industrial facilities to liquefy gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, propane and methane. It also is used in the refinement and storage of oil.

Cold storage machinery can come in small units that are placed in the back areas behind warehouses and factories to control the temperature and other factors, either for convenience or for the production of the product line. These methods of ice free cold storage do away with having to devote an entire room or boxed-in area to keeping ice, which would have to be periodically scraped away and replenished.

A lot of finished goods these days come from India. Indian cold storage facilities operate on much the same principle as those in America, based on the removal of heat through a compressor engine or via chemical reactions. Most of the power comes from electrical wall current, but backup generators in large facilities ensure that businesses can control their working and storage environments around the clock, even during a power loss.

Cold store systems allow companies to maximize efficiency by allowing stock to stay at optimum temperature for weeks or months at a time, removing the need for quick turnover of product in storage. Inventory and purchasing specialists rely on company inventory to make their money, so it’s important to have these machines and storage areas working, with regular inspections and maintenance.

There are state and local laws which regulate the cold store industry, requiring safe working conditions for employees, and operational procedures must be in accordance with these laws. Those companies which do their homework and prepare in advance for inspections and other routine enforcement protocols will be able to continue operating at full capacity, ensuring greater customer service and more product flow seven days a week.

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