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Gas Phase Filtration In Data Centers

Every company, due to the current heavy reliance on computers has a data centre these days. This is a place that houses all the computer components and all the related systems like storage facilities, power supply and atmospheric controls to regulate the conditions around the computer systems. An example of the use of the data centre is the industries, with each having a distributed control system with all the controls data being relayed to and from the data centre.

One of the important components of a data centre is the electronic equipment. This refers to the computer components, environmental control and electrical power supply. The computer components mainly constitute the server, which is like the central brain that controls the data in a company. It is this server that establishes a network between various computers and controls the data communication, otherwise known as datacom. And that is why it is very important to carry out server maintenance, because a server failure would mean crippling of all a company’s operations. Due to large concentration of electronic equipment, electronic process controls in the data center, the electronic equipment are always exposed to toxic and corrosive gases produced inside and from outside sources like sewerages / drains, landfill sites, high density traffics, process industry etc.

Gas Phase Filtration the most effective way of removing airborne contaminants protecting the datacom equipment and servers from any potential contaminants threat is a vital step in ensuring your datacom equipment and servers good health and continued viability. The ultimate solution to corrosion lies in gaseous filtration, which involves passing the contaminant laden air stream through a bed of dry media placed in a properly designed housing.

Honeycomb matrix technology is yet another innovative and extended process of Gas Phase Filtration used to eliminate odor , toxic and corrosive gases. Unlike the extruded honeycomb matrix with limited ‘chemical’ carrying capacity, this technology is the first ever such solution in the world which uses the ‘in-situ’ synthesized macro porous Honeycomb Matrix to remove Air borne contamination like formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Bromine and Oxides of Nitrogen & Chlorine, other lower molecular weight gaseous compounds and VOC’s. Bry-Air’s new Gas phase filtration system comprises of macro porous desiccant based honeycomb matrix which is impregnated with oxidizing agents, alkaline solutions and is also made bactericidal by treating the same with antibacterial agents.

Finally, the data center maintenance should be taken seriously. Sometimes, due to the conditions in various industries, silver corrosion and copper corrosion may occur hence damaging these systems. In such cases, corrective measures should be swift in order to reboot the system and resume the normal operations.

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