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Electronic Corrosion

Modern society depends heavily upon electronics. Computers, microchips, and various technological systems rely on electronic equipment in order to provide people with the services that their work requires. Unfortunately, like many other substances, electronics can corrode when not cared for properly. Good corrosion control is vital for any company that depends upon electronic equipment for its day-to-day functions.

Corrosion is defined as a material’s physical deterioration due to its reactions with the outside environment. Because electronic equipment is most often encased inside a larger chamber or receptacle, electronic corrosion can oftentimes go unnoticed until it is too late. Furthermore, specialists have a difficult time in locating the cause of electronic corrosion, because there are innumerable factors surrounding the electronic equipment that could have possibly caused the problem. Therefore, companies should do their best to incorporate as much corrosion resistant equipment as possible when installing their electrical systems.

There are a number of ways in which electrical equipment can be given corrosion resistant properties. The most common method is the application of corrosion resistant coatings, such as enamel, paint, or plating. However, due to the unsophistication of these coatings, most electrical equipment is more safely preserved using other methods. In anodization, the equipment’s metallic outside is regulated so that its texture is composed of very regular pores, increasing the metal’s durability. Cathodic protection transforms the surface of the metal into the cathode of an electric cell, effectively preventing damage and corrosion. Corrosion inhibitor coatings are oftentimes applied to the surface of electrical equipment to prevent unwanted electrical reactions from occurring on the surface of the equipment.

Unfortunately, electronic corrosion can occur in just about any device that utilizes electric technology. Although electronic corrosion is far more likely to occur in equipment that is exposed to its outside environment, this type of corrosion is also the easiest kind of corrosion to treat, because it is usually noticed in time to administer the proper preservation repairs to the equipment. When the electrical components of a device are hidden, the corrosion is usually not noted until after the device has malfunctioned and is in need of replacement parts. This commonly occurs in computers, cell phones, hand-held entertainment devices, and industrial-scale electronic systems. For large electrical systems, electronic corrosion can cost a company thousands of dollars in repairs. The best way to prevent such a disaster from occurring is to perform regular maintenance on the equipment, even if corrosion resistant materials are being used.

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