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Electronic Corrosion Can Occur Due To Several Reasons

Electronic corrosion can occur due to several reasons. This type of corrosion can often be found in computers, integrated circuits and microchips, as all of these are found in industrial technology used today. There is a broad range of uses for this type of technology and therefore this electronic technology is constantly exposed to a variety of different environmental conditions. The formation of electronic corrosion is insidious in nature and cannot be detected by any type of testing, often resulting in the piece being written off as non-functional.

There are several components found in every type of electronic machinery. These include integrated circuits, printed circuits boards, and connectors and contacts. These components are made of a variety of materials, including silicon, copper, lead-tin alloys and nickel or gold. The use of these materials decreases the likelihood that corrosion will occur but does not completely eliminate the issue.

The use of electronic devices has become more and more common not only in an industrial setting but also in the common household. This widespread use of electronic devices has increased these aforementioned components to much harsher conditions than expected. An example of this can be seen in cars that are employing new electronic technology. Although the electronics are not exposed to the same elements as the body of the car because the electronics are housed on the inside of the vehicle, the conditions for the electronics are not as ideal as if the electronics were housed in an air conditioned room like the early designed computers.

The most common reason for electronic break down is subversive environmental conditions and contaminants found in the environment. This contaminants include fine and coarse particles such as chlorides, sulfates, sodium, ammonium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These are elements found in almost all types of environment, meaning no electronic device is ever totally safe. Although these are all present in a variety of environments, the single most important environmental condition is the relative humidity of the environment. With a higher humidity, the more these previously mentioned particles are going to affect the electronic device. The effect of the coarse particles on the electronic device can be extremely detrimental, causing malfunction by interrupting electrical contact between partner pairs of connectors or relays.

Avoiding electronic corrosion is a difficult task given the fact that it is often occurring on a very small scale. In order to avoid electronic corrosion one must monitor the environment in which the electronic device is being housed and utilized.

The ultimate solution to electronic corrosion lies in gas phase filtration, which involves passing the contaminant laden air stream through a bed of dry media placed in a properly designed housing. Honeycomb matrix technology developed by Bry-Air is a innovative and extended process of Gas Phase Filtration used to eliminate odor, toxic and corrosive gases. Honeycomb Matrix to remove Air borne contamination like formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur Dioxide, Bromine and Oxides of Nitrogen & Chlorine, other lower molecular weight gaseous compounds and VOC’s. Bry-Air’s new Gas Phase Filtration System comprises of macro porous desiccant based honeycomb matrix which is impregnated with oxidizing agents, alkaline solutions and is also made bactericidal by treating the same with antibacterial agents.

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