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Dehumidification and Seed Dryers

Dehumidification, or simply custom drying, is not a new technology. Foods including fruit and meat, spices, yeast, gelatine, powder, wood and spices have all been dried throughout history. This popular means of drying has led to new drying technology. The benefits of this process are many, and items including the seed dryer are becoming popular products for the consumers worldwide.

Drying food products is not a recent concept. Fruit Drying including grapes drying is a method that people use as a means of food preservation. Removing water from already edible items hinders the growth of decay-producing microorganisms such as mould and bacteria and, therefore, spoilage of the food. This can be done by the simple task of hot air drying or sun drying.

Powder drying, spices drying, yeast drying and wood drying are not that different from food drying. The use of a dryer with newer drying technology or simply hot air drying prevents moisture buildup on any of these items. If moisture were to be added to spices, powder or wood, it would easily mould and become unusable. Equally noteworthy is dry or seasoned wood. If wood were to be wet, it would not catch fire properly as it plumped up with moisture and would eventually mould and decay.

Seed drying is equally crucial to the preservation of a seed. The quality of the seed, much like the quality of dried fruits or spices, is crucial to the life span of the seed. Seeds are the basis of plant life, destined for consumption or rebirth and regrowth. Like a dormant egg or cocoon, seeds preserve themselves until the prime moment of plantation in the ground or water. However, seeds age and die over time due to moisture content, humidity and temperature.

A seed dryer must be used to preserve seeds for plantation and lengthen a seed’s life. For proper seed drying to occur without loss of potential germination, seed dryers must lower moisture at approximate 5% and drying of several ours without elevated temperatures. Without proper technology and care found with the seed dryer, seeds may lose their ability to germinate or become diseased depending on the moisture within the seed.

Modern technology with the use of a dryer makes drying seeds simpler than ever. Dryers such as the seed dryer prevent decay of the product, mould, and even destruction of the products integrity. Whether drying technology is meant for food, wood or seeds, custom drying today is easy to install, operate and maintain continuously producing high efficiency and product for any consumer.

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