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Cool Assets – Cold Storage Systems

When it comes to perishable items it’s important to keep them at just the right temperature to not only save the product, but to save time and money as well.

Chilled or cold storage systems are used to preserve perishable items, especially food, and to increase their storage life. The lower the temperature, the longer the life of storage. If the temperature is kept below the freezing point of the stored product, the process it then known as freezer storage. A cold-storage plant is a large insulated building used for the storing of commodities at low temperatures. There are also facilities included for quick-freezing vegetables, meats, fruits and several other precooked bakery products and foods for the consumer convenience market.

Cold storage units are not just for food. They can also be used to store other heat-sensitive storage items like valuable artifacts, films, rare paintings, and several other items that may require cold storage. Some cold storage units even offer additional security measures to keep belongings safe.

There are various types of cold storage, each specially modified for its contents. Low humid cold storage is useful for seeds, high humid cold storage is good for some fruits and vegetables, and deep freeze plants are used for fish and seafood. There are also liquid pump recirculation systems with finned-type cooling coils, gravity recirculation systems, and heat exchangers.

Some of the equipment used in cold storage are cooling towers which are used to process waste heat to the atmosphere, freezer plates which are good for brick-shaped packaged products and where the refrigerant is allowed to circulate within thin channels in the plate.

Evaporative condensers cools warm water by by evaporating it into the atmospheric air. It cools by a combination of air movement and water spray. Cold storage rooms are excellent for freeing up space in the refrigerator as well as the kitchen, and you can even construct your own if you have the right equipment and tools.

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