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The term safety itself ensures special protection. Safety Glass is utilized in a wide array of applications, automobiles, aircraft, construction, etc. Traditionally safety glass was used in the automobile or aircraft industry. In the event of an accident or mishap safety glass affords protection to the driver/ pilot by protecting him against the flying debris. Safety glasses are usually made with shatter-resistant plastic lenses of various impact resistance. Safety glasses are used in operating rooms by surgeons for protection against blood splatter. In the factories safety glasses give protection to the wearer while welding. The lenses of safety glasses can also be shaped for correction.

Safety Glass for Construction

Today with the rise in smart buildings, the trend for a glass facade is on the rise. These futuristic looking buildings are increasingly resorting to the use of ‘ safety glass’ in their design and structure. The sole reason behind the increasing use of this kind of glass is safety. The safety element is ensued by a special bonding of the pieces of glass with a special film inside which holds the shattered glass together in the event of breakage.

Moisture Problems while making safety glass

Moisture however causes major problems because the thin transparent film, which is used as a adhesive between the layers of glass is hygroscopic. During storage, prior to manufacturing and during the bonding process, if the film is allowed to absorb moisture, then moisture vaporizes during the autoclaving process and gets trapped between the layers of glass, as bubbles of moisture. The trapped moisture reduces the clarity of the glass and the effectiveness of the bond between the two layers of glass, rendering the product unsafe.

The solution lies in dehumidifying the glass laminating area. Maintaining RH conditions of 20-22% at 70°F (20°C) ensures that the plastic sheet does not regain moisture. The temperature control is not critical but should be in the comfort level for workers.

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers have effectively maintained the exact conditions needed for several Safety Glass and automobile manufacturers as well as Aircraft Manufacturers. Desiccant dehumidifiers are an effective method of humidity control at low temperature to prevent moisture regain in most hygroscopic products. i.e. droplets, condensation while making lamination of export quality, high quality glass. Moisture entrapped creates opaque conditions and brittleness in glass resulting in wastage.

There are different ways that glass is manufactured in order to improve its quality and safety. These different kinds of glass that result from these manufacturing techniques include safety glass and construction glass.

Safety glass is manufactured to resist breaking. When it does break, it is designed to break in such a way that it is less likely to cause injuries. This kind of glass is used in a variety of applications. Automobiles frequently have safety glass installed in their windshields. Glass used in laboratories is often safety glass. This kind of glass is also used in eyeglasses and in windows that are installed in homes.

The benefits of safety glass can be measured easily when compared to other kinds of glass. Before the invention of safety glass, glass windows and objects could potentially be very dangerous. In the event that they broke, they could cause deep cuts and lacerations. Some people who have had this experience have had to undergo amputations or have suffered extensive scarring due to these injuries.

Glass lamination is the procedure by which safety glass is created. This is a procedure in which a layer of polyvinyl butyral material is placed in between two individual sheets of glass. This inter layer is what prevents the glass from shattering into thousands of pieces. If something should hit the glass or if too much pressure is exerted on it, it cracks in what is known as a spider web pattern, but it is still in one piece. The place of greatest impact is usually the center of the spider web, and the cracking pattern tends to extend outward from this point.

Glass lamination has several benefits, one of which is of course safety. If someone gets into an accident driving an automobile fitted with laminated glass, they are protected from being injured by shattering glass, or by being thrown through the windshield. Glass lamination is also helpful in the event that an attempt is made at car theft, because it is very difficult to break the glass from the outside in order to gain access to the vehicle.

Construction glass is thicker than other kinds of glass. It may be referred to as toughened glass. It is a kind of safety glass that is used in skylights, conservatories, glass staircases, and balconies. Construction glass is between four and five times stronger than regular glass, and is not only difficult to break but is resistant to temperature extremes such as excessive heat.

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