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When it comes to blenders, Bry-Air is a company that you can trust since it has years of experience behind it to provide you dosing units that are capable of doing the job. One of the popular products in terms of blending unit that this company has to offer is the Volumetric Doser. The Volumetric Dosing Unit of Bry-Air is capable of dosing 4 different materials especially in their granular form. The Volumetric Blending Unit that Bry-Air is offering has features that guarantee quality and accurate dosing of materials, additives, and regrind materials.

It also functions as a master batch dosing unit that you can easily adjust to your specifications with its easy to use control panels. This master batch doser also has latches for both screw and motor removal that you can easily access whenever you need. With this master batch blending unit installed in your workspace, you can give your materials the right kind of dose to get quality results throughout the processing.

Having both Gravimetric Blenders along with your Dosing unit is essential especially when working in the plastic industry since they are both needed to process materials. The only difference when it comes to Gravimetric Blending Unit is that this one process by weight instead of volume which is exactly what the Volumetric Doser does.

Using a mixer such as the Volumetric Doser guarantees a uniform blend of colors while they are being dosed. What’s more, this mixing unit cuts back the time you need to spend when using other machines out there for your virgin materials. There is no need for you to purchase other machines to mix your materials when you can rely on this dosing unit as well as the Gravimetric Doser that Bry-Air has to offer.

Taking advantage of Gravimetric Dosing Unit and the Volumetric Dosing Unit will definitely work to your advantage especially when you are looking for a much cheaper means of dosing your materials before continuing in other processes. You really don’t have to purchase any other machines out there since these units can handle the job perfectly and with the prices that these blenders come in, you can get to invest on machines that will last you for a long time.

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