» Lithium-Ion Battery- The backbone of EV industry: A route map for India to succeed in EV manufacturing
BryairMedia CoverageLithium-Ion Battery- The backbone of EV industry: A route map for India to succeed in EV manufacturing

Lithium-Ion Battery- The backbone of EV industry: A route map for India to succeed in EV manufacturing

Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director, Bry-Air | The Times of India | April 20, 2021

Lithium-ion battery is gaining major acceptance in the industry due to falling battery prices and new markets emerging such as electric vehicles and energy storage systems (ESS). Indeed, there has been a great focus to strengthen the Indian market with the updated and innovative technology solutions to make EV a resilient industry.

Lithium is the primary source for Li-Ion battery packs as it is more stable and safer in charging and discharging energy compared to other minerals. Aside from the electronics industry, lithium is a staple mineral in mining, manufacturing, energy storage and many others. Due to its many industry uses, the importance of lithium-ion batteries cannot be overstated.

In offering EV to consumers at a suitable price point, the safety of the vehicles will continue to be a constant and thus the giving rise to the need for dehumidification systems in the automobile sector. The design of an EV vehicle is not radically different from a traditional ICE vehicle, with the main difference being the design and use of materials under the hood. In the post- COVID-19 scenario, as the demand for EV increases the HVAC&R industry will see a rise in demand for dehumidification systems and solutions.

From structure to the other smaller parts for beautifying the car while keeping it lightweight to the lithium battery, everything would require environment control solutions throughout the manufacturing process as manufacturers seek to squeeze costs and lay major emphasis on energy efficiency.

Since lithium battery application is fast growing across diversified industries there is large scale production of lithium batteries and moisture acts as a major deterrent leading to the growth of this industry. Lithium batteries are affected by uncontrolled temperature and humidity. If the lithium battery is exposed to moisture during production, it may lead to impairing quality that could lead to reduced product life, reduced performance (charging capacity), and might raise safety concerns including chances of explosion. Thus, Lithium battery production is undertaken in very critical and controlled (dry room) environment conditions. Non-maintenance of the desired RH during lithium cell manufacturing (<1%) and battery assembling (<10%) may lead to severe consequences.

Bry-Air Dry Rooms

High technology often entails working in precisely controlled environmental conditions. Lithium batteries are a classic example of a product where production is not possible in the absence of efficient dehumidification. Dehumidification, or moisture control, has proven itself to be a critical factor in the control of the environment in the dry rooms without which lithium battery manufacturing is not feasible. The use of Dry Rooms is high in manufacturing critical components that require environments with the lowest levels of humidity possible, making battery cells an ideal application.

As the Make in India narrative for Lithium-ion batteries takes flight, Bry-Air acts as a critical and key catalyst to the EV revolution- being the only Indian supplier of Dry Rooms, which are a must for manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries. There is a need for more investment from able manufacturers. India as a market has enormous potential to ramp up the scale, and make India a self-reliant country in this space.

In today’s context. dehumidification products and solutions are playing an active role in India’s EV push. Partnering with battery manufacturers/assemblers and the environmental control solutions offered by local players is instrumental in making quality, safe and reliable lithium batteries in India.


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